2.4GHZ Microwave Video Transmitter

2.4GHZ Microwave Video Transmitter
Bandwidth:2MHZ/4MHz/8MHzEncryption:128 Bit AES
Correction Mechanism:32 Bit Of CRC, ARQModulation:TDD_COFDM
Data Transmission:RS232/RS485/RS422Power Input:DC 7~17V
RF Interface:MMCXVideo Encoding:H.264
High Light:mini video transmitter, miniature video transmitter

2.4GHZ mini Cofdm transmitter full duplex data transceiver with low latency

Product Introduction:

The H.264 TDD_COFDM this product is our company’s released latest zero-latency H.264 1080P HD wireless transmission equipment, the use of advanced time division processing technology and leading COFDM modulation technology, providing a complete two-way data transmission channel (supports AES_128 encryption), and ultra-low latency (20ms) high-definition video transmission channel, the perfect realization of real-time, high-speed mobile data, audio and video transmission.


Wide application for UAV systems, high-speed railways, fire fighting, security, intelligence control, and other complex environments.

Product features:

Provide ultra-low latency (20ms) full HD 1080P video transmission

Support up to 20Mbps data flow, adaptive dynamic stream allocation technology

Support multiple bandwidth regulations (2M/4M/8/), adaptive modulation, and manual modulation mode selection

Support diversity antenna receiver

Support 128-bit AES encryption

Support transparent PTP&PMD network transmission technology

Support nonline of sight (NLOS), high-speed mobile transmission

Provide standard RS-232 & RS-485 + RJ45 + Mini HDMI interface

High definition OLED panel digital display, simple interface easy to operation

Small size, lightweight, low power consumption

Technical parameters:

Power inputDC 7~17V
Power consumption9W
Current12V_1A (full load maximum output power)
Video inputMini HDMI interface, RJ45
Data inputRS-232&RS-485 RJ45
Output frequency2405MHz-2470MHz,Step 1MHz adjustable
Output power0dbm,20dBm-30dBm
RF Antenna interfaceMMCX
Bandwidth2.0 MHz /4.0MHz/8.0MHz
Encryption128 bit AES
Correction mechanism32 bit of CRC, ARQ
ModulationTDD-COFDM, Time division duplex mode
Video encodingH.264
Parameter controlBy adjusting the parameters of the OLED control panel
2.4GHZ Microwave Video Transmitter
2.4GHZ Microwave Video Transmitter

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Some famous brands of wireless video transmitters, like Blackmagic, Holyland mars 300 400s, Accsoon cine eye 5g, RavenEye, Zhiyun, Inkee benbox, actiontec, CVW SWIFT 800, dahua, iogear, Artek pat-225k, microlite, nyrius, teradek.

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The full HD video, audio, data link smallest 1080P wireless video transmitter and the receiver has many input and output connectors, like AV composite CVBS, HDMI, SDI, BNC, VGA, USB.

The wireless video transmitter sender TX RX frequency has 170-806Mhz, 1.2ghz, 2.4G, 5.8G, lowest but not zero latency. In order to support longer distances, the power amplifier has 10w, 20watts, and even 30W.

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