COFDM Wireless Video Transmitter and Receiver

cheap COFDM Wireless Video Transmitter and Receiver for camera

COFDM Wireless video transmitter and receiver Dimension

Size: 90x65x22mm

cofdm video transmitter
cofdm video transmitter
cofdm digital video transmitter
cofdm digital video transmitter
cofdm hd wireless transmitter
cofdm hd wireless transmitter

The most recent advancements in COFDM (Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) wireless video transmitter and receiver technology have transformed how video is transmitted and received. COFDM is a modulation technique that allows digital data to be transmitted over a wide range of frequencies, resulting in a more reliable signal and improved data transmission.

We use COFDM technology in numerous applications, such as digital television, wireless video transmission, and digital radio. It’s also found in military and aerospace applications like satellite communications and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Finally, recent advancements in COFDM wireless video transmitter and receiver technology have transformed the way video is transmitted and received. This technology has enabled high-definition video transmission over wireless networks, as well as video transmission over a variety of networks and devices. The use of advanced coding techniques, such as forward error correction (FEC) and adaptive modulation, has enabled this.


1. Hi, I am looking for a long-range hd video transmitter with hdmi input and a receiver with hdmi output.

Would you like a one-way or two-way system? As long as you need to send the video, do you still need to send the control operation of the drone?

2. Only transmit and receive in a surveillance center. The idea is to use the HDMI output of the remote control and retransmit it to the central. The drone has a system to transmit over the internet, but there is no internet in the desert, so we need to retransmit but not with the internet.

OK, our one-way long-range wireless video transmission solution is the base of COFDM technology (similar to DVB-T digital TV broadcasting). It is not on the base of the Internet.

3. Does this COFDM wireless video transmitter and receiver have AES 256 or 128 encryption? the output format is full hd?

Yes, COFDM-912T supports AES 128 encryption. Please notify us to plus a Parameter Configuration board for setting the AES128 password when you are placing the order. It is optional to buy.

The COFDM-912T transmitter only supports SD720P Video input. So even if the receiver has HDMI output, it cannot output real 1080P high-definition video, only 720P.

If you have very high requirements on the definition of picture output, I suggest you choose a model that both the transmitter and receiver support 1080P, COFDM-908T

4. Can it reach 30 km around?

In the introduction of the wireless video transmission system, all the transmission distances mentioned are based on the visible range (LOS). The 2WPA power amplifier supports 30 kilometers and is usually used on drones. The altitude is very high and the receiver is on the ground, so there is an obvious height difference between the transmitter and the receiver, and the wireless signal is transmitted in accordance with the waveform. The signal loss is small and other interference is very little clutter.

You mentioned that your usage scenario is that both the transmitter and receiver are on the ground, especially in desert areas, and there may be rolling sand dunes. Therefore, the signal transmitted wirelessly is easily interfered with. So here are the suggestions:

1. Try to use a high-power transmitter, such as 10 Watts or 20 Watts. Many of our ship customers use 20W transmitters.

2. Try to use a higher antenna or put the antenna on the roof or a nearby hill, and you can also increase the antenna tripod. Our clients always choose some 1.8-meter FRP omnidirectional fiberglass antennas.
COFDM Wireless Video Transmitter and Receiver with 1.8 meter omnidirectional FRP antenna Yagi directional antenna

3. If conditions permit, a repeater can also be added to enhance the signal strength and increase the transmission distance. The repeater can be fixed at a high place or on the roof of a moving car.

5. How to assemble the wireless video transmitter, camera, and battery?

Please check the below picture.
COFDM drone video transmitter camera battery assemble conneciton
There are two power connectors at the transmitter, the red connector is 12V output for the camera, and the black connector is 12V input.

6. What is the lag or delay in milliseconds of your COFDM-912T?

200-300ms with a regular camera and monitor.
Normal camera and screen have a delay of 200 milliseconds, right?
With our 100 milliseconds, it’s about 300 to 400.
We also have one with 30 milliseconds, but the price is 6 times that
300 milliseconds is acceptable if your plane has an automatic obstacle avoidance function.

7. I noted your transmitter can support up to 30 kilometers in LOS. How far will it support in the NLOS environment?

It’s hard to say the range of non-line-of-sight use, it depends on how many obstacles are in the middle. It is difficult to transmit if fully surrounded metal or mountains block it.
The test environment is unique, and the distance obtained from the test is also different. We can’t make any guarantees or promises about this.

8. We are a company that offers a solution to some rural areas here in the Philippines to monitor their rivers. If we purchased a 2W(30km) in the NLOS location, it could be reduced to 20km or more?

It is hard to say, it should depend on the obstacles between the transmitter and receiver. We don’t test it in your use environment, So I can’t tell you.
The same product will be interfered with differently in different environments, and the transmission distance is hard to say. Only the actual test will know.

Buyer: Actually, we have installed a radio transceiver that gathers a data sensor and transmits its data to an 18km distance center command. The operation is smooth and ok.
The same place we’re going to put up the device that we will buy from you.
As you have said, only an actual test will answer all of my questions.

9. Can the COFDM-912T TX device output separate serial data?

Data can only be transmitted in one direction from the transmitter to the receiver.
If you need to transmit data in both directions, you need to add a digital radio telemetry. (wireless data transceiver).

10. I would like to know if the transmitter can also output serial data on what the camera is capturing. Other than RF does it have a separate rs232 output for the transmitter?

Yes, COFDM-912T supports transferring the serial data for you. Please check the below picture.
wireless transmitter board

11. In this module where I can put up the camera? What type of camera is suited for this device?

The black one on the left shows a little bit of the above picture, which is connected to the camera.
It supports a 720p CVBS composite AV camera. or any HDMI camera by HDMI to AV converter box.

COFDM-912T Customize Development

1. 20230913: 2 Watts default 595Mhz with 1.8-meter transmitter and receiver antenna

The client told us that his application details, the transmitter and receiver, are both used on the ground. In order to enhance the wireless transmission distance and avoid other signal interference, I recommend that both the transmitter and receiver antennas use 1.8-meter fiberglass antennas.

It was the first time the customer took the sample for testing, so he used the default two-watt amplifier and 595 MHz frequency.

The customer requires that the transmitter have an HDMI output so that he can transmit the received video to other devices. At the same time, in order to support HDMI input, I also matched an HDMI to CVBS RCA AV converter box.

The customer has added an optional parameter adjustment tool, the main function of which is to modify the transmitter’s transmission frequency and impedance. You can also add a password to the wirelessly transmitted video to encrypt the video of the transmitter. We must enter the same password on the receiver to decode the video to improve the security of the video.

cofdm transmitter
COFDM transmitter
cofdm video transmitter with 1.8 meter transmitter and receiver antenna2
COFDM video transmitter-receiver with two 1.8-meter antenna
COFDM Transmitter receiver feed cable length
COFDM Transmitter receiver feed cable length


1. Can I change the transmitter and receiver frequency? Can it work on 260 MHz band?
  1. Yes, the frequency range can be changed from 170Mhz (better from 220Mhz) to 860Mhz. So it can work well at 260Mhz band.
  2. The frequency should be modified to the same on the transmitter and receiver. Of cause, the Power Amplifier and antenna frequency should modify the same frequency. (You need to buy a power amplifier and antenna for the transmitter and receiver to meet your changed frequency).
  3. In order to improve the sensitivity of transmitting and receiving, the frequency bandwidth is generally made very narrow (center frequency ±15Mhz, so bandwidth should be 30Mhz). The power amplifier of the transmitter and the frequency of the antenna are specially customized according to the frequency you need.
  4. It is best when you place an order, please tell me what kind of working frequency you need. Our engineers will modify the frequency of the transmitter and receiver, and also modify the PA and custom antenna according to this frequency range to ensure the best sensitivity and support the longest transmission distance.
  5. The default frequency is 590Mhz, With 30Mhz (+/-15Mhz), you can change it without modifying the Power Amplifier and antenna. For example, 578Mhz, 584Mhz, 590Mhz, 596Mhz, and 602Mhz.
  6. If you need to modify the transmitter frequency and bandwidth, you need a special tool of the parameter configure board, please see the below picture, it is not a default accessory, please buy it at an extra cost or contact us before ordering.

parameter configure board tool for transmitter
parameter configure board tool for transmitter

Yes, it supports to send the video and UART data from the transmitter and receiver.
As it is one-way transmission, so it can not send the control command from the receiver to the transmitter.

If you need to send control commands or other data from the receiver to control other devices such as cameras or drones at the transmitter, you can add a set of cheap digital transmission equipment, contact us, and we can customize it for you.


Please check the UART define on the transmitter and receiver at the below link. Please tell me if you want to have a lead cable. (default is no)

Drone wireless video transmitter UART connection define for data transmission
Drone wireless video transmitter UART connection define for data transmission

drone wireless video receiver UART connection define for data transmission
drone wireless video receiver UART connection define for data transmission

The transmitter default Power Amplifier is 2 Watts, so it can support 30 KM at line-of-sight.

The below picture is our tested distance from the mountain to the seaside.

If you want to transmit a longer range, you can increase the power amplifier. In addition to one watt and two watts, we can also make 5 watts, 10 watts, and 20 watts for your choice. Larger amplifiers also require larger batteries and current support.


For 20W PA, the power supply should be 24~28V. Only at 28 volts can the power amplifier achieve the best workability.

Our engineer can change the frequency to 300Mhz from the default 590Mhz, The antenna, and PA in the warehouse are 590Mhz, 300Mhz needs two weeks to customize, so the delivery time needs longer than our default 590Mhz.

Yes, it support 720P CVBS video input on the transmitter and 1080P HDMI video ouput on the receiver.
If your camera is HDMI connector, you can use one HDMI to CVBS video convertor box, it will be much cheaper than you used one wireless video transmitter.
HDMI to CVBS AV video converter box
If you still need HDMI input on the transmitter, then the below model is recommended.
OFDM Wireless Video Transmitter
COFDM-908T is also recommended.

Step 1: Please press OK and the right button at the same time, a menu of whether to save appears on the screen.

COFDM Wireless Reciever save parameter
COFDM Wireless Reciever save parameter

Step 2: Please press OK to choose Yes to save.

wireless video receiver adjust parameter
wireless video receiver adjust parameter

Yes, you can change the frequency to 300Mhz, but this is not recommended.
1. Our wireless video transmitter and receiver both support AES128 encryption and decryption. The password can be changed on the configuration board at any time. It is safe for your video.
2. If you change the frequency on the transmitter and receiver to 300Mhz, the antenna and Power Amplifier frequency should be changed to 300Mhz also.
For a small number of special frequency antennas, maybe the antenna factory will not agree to special produce.
3. Maybe the antenna problem is solved. The power amplifier in the transmitter is preset, and we also send you the test video before the delivery. If the end-user modifies the power amplifier frequency, it is easy to be burned. Without a power amplifier, then this system can not be working well the long distance. The buyer has to send it back to the China factory for repair, Although our repair is free, but the buyer has to pay all the shipping costs.
4. Please tell us what frequency the buyer wants to have, we will modify and test its quality in the factory. after QC passed, we will send you.
COFDM-912T is a one-way wireless transmission system.
That means it only downloads the video or data from the transmitter to the receiver, but it can not upload the UART data from the receiver to the transmitter, for example, it can not control the transmitter's camera or drone.
Is it suitable for your project?
Or check the below link, we will understand clearly your project.
COFDM-912T is a one-way video transmission system.
If you need to control the camera and drone, you need to choose two-way models.
Now we can offer you the smallest transmitter antenna is 13 cm in length.
Remind, please use the bigger or longer antenna if your project allows, it can get better reception performance in the larger range.
13cm length cofdm wireless video transmitter antenna
13cm length cofdm wireless video transmitter antenna

The default full set

  1. SD Transmitter ( PA 0.5W, 1W, 2W, 5W, 10W, 20W, 50W optional according to your order demand)
  2. SD Transmitter antenna
  3. HDMI CVBS output receiver with parameter control menu and small screen
  4. 0.8-meter Receiver antenna 1 pcs. (There are two types of installing or fixing the antenna: 1. magnetic sucker base antenna, 2. Default U-type clamp FRP fiberglass antenna )
  5. Optional, parameter configuration board for the wireless video transmitter.

(If you need a magnetic sucker base antenna, the express or carrier thinks the magnetic products will interfere with their plane safety, so the shipping cost is higher than a U-type clamp antenna. )

The default full set package dimension

  1. 84*21*12CM
  2. Gross Weight 4.5KG
  3. If you choose over 100cm antenna and magnetic sucker base antenna, Some freight forwarders will charge extra fees, such as extra long fees and extra fees for strong magnetic items.

  1. The transmitter parameter configures board is different from the one on the receiver. The firmware on the parameter configure board was different from the transmitter and receiver, they cannot be used interchangeably.
  2. The transmitter parameter configures board can adjust the signal attenuation on the transmitter. Per 0.3db will reduce the 0.5W PA.
Here is the transmitter parameter configuration board.
parameter configure board tool for transmitter
parameter configure board tool for transmitter
Here is the receiver parameter configuration board.
COFDM Wireless Reciever save parameter
COFDM Wireless Reciever save parameter

Question: Is it possible to change the outpout power (internal PA 0,5 w, 1 w, 2 w) via the configuration board?

parameter configuration board tool for COFDM wireless video transmitter
parameter configuration board tool for COFDM wireless video transmitter
  1. As answered above, you can adjust the output power by setting the parameters of ATTEN through the parameter configuration board tool on the transmitter. (This tool does not include the default package, you need to notify that you want to have this tool when you order)
  2. If you buy 2W PA, then you can set it 0.5W, 1W, but can not change it to 5W.
  3. We also can make it to 5W, 10W, 20W, and 50W if you need to support long-range.


This wireless video transmitter only supports CVBS camera or video input, other type of video camera needs an extra converter box.

No. It is COFDM (DVB-T) technology.

So the COFDM frequency range is 170-860Mhz. It can support 477, 610, 675, 724, 816Mhz, but can not support 970, 1180, 1230 Mhz.

Our special model transmitter can support all the above ranges, but the receiver needs to use the downconverter block.

In order to allow our wireless transmitting system to support a wider range and better signal strength, we generally set the operating frequency to a certain point (170~860Mhz), and its supported range is only plus or minus 15Mhz. For example, the center frequency is 590Mhz, max support frequency range should be 575Mhz~605Mhz, The PA and antenna are specially customized according to this center frequency.

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Please contact us for more information.

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