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RV1126, Frequently Asked Question

RV1126 is a full-featured multi-interface board built with Rockchip's RV1109 RV1126 chip. It is a standard board used by new customers to evaluate chip functions, run performances, and demonstrate the chip's powerful multimedia and peripheral interface functions. After the customer confirms the performance, they modify the interface to meet the needs of their project and redesign a new carrier board or motherboard so that it can connect directly to the RV1126 core board.

The RV1126 and RV1109 have the same functional interface, with the exception that the RV1126 is a quad-core and the RV1109 is a dual-core, and the RV1126 is slightly more powerful. The RV1126 has a 1400-pixel ISP processor with 2TOPS of NPU arithmetic, whereas the RV1109 has a 5MP ISP processor with 1.2TOPS of NPU arithmetic. Both are P2P designs, easy to replace, and can effectively reduce development costs by forming a high and low-end product line.

Yes, I can offer you the SDK, almost 24GB.

And we can not offer you any technical support when you are using the SDK, except that you hire that our software engineer to develop your special project.

We only provide the RV1126 development board, please ask engineers for specific technical questions.
As far as I know, the AI algorithm needs to be placed in the specified directory of the SDK so that RV1126 can use it.

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Free SDK code for RV1126 / RV1109

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