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1. Do you have 150 kilometers of 10-watt telemetry for a drone at 915Mhz? I don’t need to transfer the video, only the data of the Mavlink message.

We need a baud rate of 57000 for Mavlink.

2. I need a wireless video transmitter system from the shore to the dredge in the marine for a 5km transmission distance.

Are you able to provide a quote to supply a wireless video transmitter system, we operate a dredge and want to transmit video from shore to the dredge over a maximum distance of 5 kilometers. It is in a marine environment so would need to be robust and also run on 12 volts with no internet connection.

3. I am looking for a mini and wearable cofdm tx rx, NLOS, one-way, AHD or SDI-HD 1080P camera, 1W PA, 170-860Mhz, 200-meter transmission distance, and no cooling fan because of noise.

4. I am a UAV developer, and I need a solution for my upcoming UAVs. I need 20 km HD video and a Mavlink telemetry transmission and reception system. Supported gimbal camera, Gimbal with zoom, and target tracking. Is it possible to use a laptop to control the PTZ camera with any software? What is the weight, zoom level, and price of the camera?

5. We develop wearable devices equipped with dual USB nano cameras. We currently use a wifi network for wireless streaming, which has a limited range. I was wondering if you had a video transmitter/receiver that could operate in a 1KM range with no line of sight and low latency.

6. We are an autonomous robotics company, now looking for a Modem like RFD900 but with video+Data for 5 to 10 km, Full duplex data, and Sbus input.

7. I’m looking for a transmitter and receiver, COFDM with two-way audio and one-way video, I have to communicate with bidirectional audio, long-range, I think 2W might be fine. What could you advise me?

Manpack Wireless Video Transmitter two-way voice intercom RC NLOS COFDM 2KM-20KM

8. I need a wireless video transmission system where I can use 4 cameras in 4 different places and I want to watch it on a single screen. There is one building obstacle in a 1-kilometer area. The transmitter will always be in motion but the receiver will be stationary. We need to hear the voice of the people in the field and we need to talk when necessary, can you include this in the system?

9. I want to ask about your long-range video transmitter, install on my UAV, the transmitter can transmit video from a UAV in the middle of the forest to inspect the fire in the forest around 20-30Km.

10. I’m looking for a small transmitter/receiver module with a 1-2 km range that could transmit video data at the desired framerates with low latency, and non-line of sight. For instance, the dual camera modules we are currently using are operating at 19201080@ 30-60fps, and another camera at 320240@120FPS (IR).

11. We need nlos 1km mini and lite weight invisible like spy video tx and tx, short or flexible strip tx mini antenna for hidden on the human body, support web camera, and support two-way audio optional.

12. I’m looking for a dual-band wireless video data transmission transceiver. One frequency (1.7G) is used to upload drone control data, and another frequency (1.4G) to download video from the drone to the ground. It is hoped that it can effectively avoid the interference of UAV jammers on UAVs and improve the survival rate of UAVs.

Frequency Customizable, Dual Frequency UAV Video and Data Link Transmitter and Receiver

13. We need a system of high-definition video transmission. The transmitter is installed on the roof of a building at a height of 10-15 meters, and the receiver is in the car, surrounded by open areas, and line-of-sight. The communication distance is 10 km. Please recommend a suitable solution.

14. Hello, we are a high school that has launched radiosondes in its educational projects. In the last launch, we used a 1.2 GHz video transmitter to transmit images from the stratosphere to the ground. We are not satisfied with the result achieved and we are looking for a video transmitter with the following characteristics: 1.2ghz frequency, FULL HD, RF power greater than 500mw, weight less than 100gr and consumption not exceeding 500ma.

We also offer a similar model for Spain’s Weather Observation and Prediction by Hydrogen Balloons in the Atmosphere, which needs 150km. We recommended TX900-5W-50km. 1.4 GHz frequency, Full HD 1080P HDMI or ethernet camera, RF power 2 watts, weight is 142 grams. Consumption 22 watts.

15. Hello, I need data transmission from an ethernet port. Around 1 megabit and receiver.
5 Watts Transmitter 1MBps with ethernet interface and Receiver with ethernet. I need one-way communication. transmitter on the drone side receiver on the plane. It sends the data which comes from the ethernet port.


16. We are developing a new UAV, looking for a 150km HD video transmitter, duplex operation, powered by 6s battery 22.2V. If possible extend the range up to 500km.

17. I would like to purchase a 2-way drone transceiver.


18. We are looking for an IP radio. We need to transmit and receive Ethernet that contains HD video and data control at the same time. the interface needs to be something like RJ45 (or preferably more robust), are we able to use these in a MESH? I imagine 1W max power is enough, We currently do 4Km.

TX900 mesh version is recommended.

19. For the transmission system that we need, please refer to below for the details.

a) SDI input to support 3G-SDI (max 1080p60)
b) Support broadcast quality compression format (H.264 @Main Profile)
c) Support embedded audio (Max 16channels)
d) Support NLOS
e) Support transmission power 10W
f) Support GPI input on the receiver and send the On/Off signal back to the
g) Low latency as 200-300ms
h) Support COFDM and QAM64
i) Support 128bit AES encryption
j) Support DC10V to DC28V
k) Support forward error correction 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8
l) Frequency bandwidth 8Mbps

20. We own and operate 15 aircraft, I am really interested in your 10W PA 50 km range. I would need 50 reception kits so that police officers on the ground can receive video streaming directly from the surveillance aircraft. What would be the price and availability? What is the frequency and the length of the wave used?

21. We need a 5w telemetry transceiver to install on a fixed-wing uav, Our autopilot is Pixhawk cube orange, with amplifiers for 915mhz, or 10w only telemetry without video, baud rate 57000 for Mavlink message.

22. We currently request your recommendation of a suitable video link radio that fulfills the following requirements:

  1. Operating Frequency: 2216-2256Mhz
    The video link should be capable of operating within this frequency range.
    It should have the ability to segregate into separate channels, selectable or tuneable with an 8MHz bandwidth each.
  2. Capability:
    We require the video link radio to have the capability of simultaneously downlinking 3 payloads such as an EO/IR payload, a nose camera, and a camera.
  3. Maximum Range/ Operating Distance: 100km
    The video link radio should be capable of achieving a range of 100km for reliable transmission.
  4. Connection Type:
    We are specifically interested in a video link radio that supports Ethernet connectivity at a speed of 10/100Mbps.
    Additionally, it should provide compatibility for SDI video connection.
  5. Video Delay < 200M=ms
    The video link radio should offer a video delay of no more than 200ms to ensure real-time video transmission.

23. I need a transceiver for video and data commands, use the on-ground, nlos 10km, slightly have some obstacles. I need to transmit video and custom data. There are a camera and a single-board computer like raspberry pi in each unit of my project, that supports the below, diagram.

  1. Communication and control: 1X RJ45 Ethernet port; 2X alarm inputs, 1X alarm output; 1X audio input, 1X RS485 input.
  2. Protocol: Support HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, DNS, NTP, RTSP, RTCP, RTP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, DHCP network protocols; support ONVIF and GB28181 protocols.
  3. Development interface: Support HP-SDK secondary development.

24. What do you offer in RF wireless A/V transmission that is smaller in size(mobile), nlos, secured, RCA or HDMI input, and Frequency available in the USA? security of data, encryption, law enforcement / for nlos surv/intel, Seeking 600ft min efficacy (200 meters),

Support RCA input, we have three models, COFDM-912T (170-860Mhz, RCA input only), and COFDM-907T (170-860, and 900-930Mhz, RCA+HDMI input both support). 900-930MHz frequency is ok in the USA. So COFDM-907T is recommended.

24. Hi do you have an Analog A/V transmitter and receiver in 2.4 or 5.8 GHz for long distances (about 5Km)

Sorry, we only have HD 1080p wireless video transmitter and receiver, 2.4G or 5.8G please check Vcan1818, 1.4G is recommended, because of wifi also used 2.4G and 5.8G, and it is easy to have interfered.

25. I would like to do a mini autonomous vehicle project, I would like to know if it is possible to send a live video stream with Rasberry PI and a Python program that sends the stream by RTSP that can be opened by VLC.

If you just need a transfer a live video stream from your camera to Rasberry PI by RJ45, then our Vcan1746 is recommended. If also need to transfer the live video stream from your robot to a wireless receiver or computer, which supports RTSP protocol by VLC player, then please check our Vcan1726.

26. I’m searching for a specific downconverter, to be used with our own OFDM RF link:

50ohms RF input: 1.435 to 1.525 GHz
75 ohms IF output: any frequency band, between 100Mhz and 900MHz
Preferred LO frequency: 1846MHz
Low gain: about 28dB
Hight gain: about 43dB
DC powered from IF output port, 12-24vDC range

27. We are researching a ground robot to explore the rainforest and collect semple in the forest. We are using a radio from another manufacturer to transmit the image and commands between the receiver and the transmitter. But the problem we are facing is regarding the transmission distance. When the robot enters the forest, the maximum distance we are achieving is 100 meters between the transmitter and receiver, but we need much more than that. I was looking at your communication solutions here.

28. We are searching for a transmission for 50-80km, for a meteorological balloon, COFDM-908T-10W is ok? with a 12V battery and HDMI?

29. Hi, I need a device that transmits 4 camera video signals and data signals for controlling the robot over 2km for ground-to-ground communication.

30. Hello, I need a complete video signal transmission system (one way only) with a range of 80-100 km. I am an aerial photographer and I need a high-quality digital image. The transmitter frequency can be in the range of 170-800 MHz. Interested in the complete set of the transmitter, receiver, and corresponding antennas. An analog signal will be used as an input.

31. Do you have any model which you can support to transmit not only A/V but also data(ex: RS-232 etc.) by any chance?

32. I’m interested in buying your video transmission modules long range. I mean transmitter, receiver PA 2W – 30km, PA 10 W – 100 km,

33. I would like clarification on the two-way data transfer capabilities. Does this support the ability to control, and get telemetry data and video all at the same time with just two modules?

34. I need one encoder with the COFDM modulator, H264 / HEVC ASI, or SDI input. And one receiver with diversity frequency RF COFDM, which is input frequency 2.350-2.450Ghz  output 550~650 Mhz or 1350-1450Mhz, bit rate max 8Mhz bandwidth.

35. I want to design and fabricate a drone for surveillance of a seaport area in Mexico. Please let me know if your equipment is adequate for this purpose. Does this equipment allow me to send not only video and sound, but can it also control the drone itself, or do I need a separate control system with PPM or Sbus like Pixhawk or Ardupilot for it? In short, can you help me with the design of a complete system? I, of course, would buy all the needed products as much as available from you. I am used to working with SIYI products and this would be the first time for you. If you are interested I will give you more details on the project.

36. Hello. I need a one-way wireless video transmitter and receiver. It must have low weight and will be used in UAV. What you can suggest?

37. We need ONE WAY link with ip UDP video stream, but not two-way. Do you have one-way link ip input on the modulator and ip output on the demodulator?

We have two models, Vcan1816 and Vcan1886 to meet your demand.

38. Looking for dual-band booster 2,4-5,8 Ghz, with output power 10 W- for use with UAV drones, in territory with big interference ( big parks, forests).

Our Vcan1818 supports 2.4G and 5.8 G. Output power 10W is optional.

39. We are looking for telemetry modules for our project. Please share product information and prices for the 80 to 150-km radio link. Also please indicate if compatible with Pixhawk autopilot. We need a reliable product.

40. Will your product be able to effectively transmit wirelessly through walls? roughly about 500m in distance.

Because we don’t know what your specific wall and environment
So I can’t tell you whether it can go through it or not. I believe that other sellers can not guarantee without knowing the specific situation. You need to test yourself to know this. Here is a test video for your reference. One-Way, Two-Way

41. We are interested in unidirectional video transmission at a distance of 15 km in line of sight. It is required to transmit individual frames of BMP format or a JPEG of 1280×1024 pixels without errors. The operating temperature range of the product is from minus 40 to plus 50 ° C.

42. I am engaged in ground robots for agriculture. We are using MATEK Controller with ArduPilot. It is desirable that we can easily connect your equipment.

We need a kit for the longest video transmission with antennas, as well as a telemetry transmission kit (robot control) with antennas. It is desirable that both video and control work at the same distance.
I ask you to send an offer with a manual and specifications for such equipment, as well as the cost.

  1. In the video kit, I need 2 cameras with which your equipment works.
  2. In the communication transmission kit, I need a joystick with which your equipment works.

42. I want to buy a long-range COFDM-912T transmitter with a 5-watt amplifier.

Range 450 – 1300 MHz. Operating frequencies (8 channels) and antennas for them: 477, 610, 675, 724, 816, 970, 1180, 1230 Mhz. Directional antenna (30-60′) – for Rx. Antenna circular orientation – for Tx. I need a complete long-range video link for the UAV plug&play kit.

In addition, I ask you to recommend a video camera with gyro stabilization (UAV use) suitable for this radio transmitter.

43. I am engaged in ground robots for agriculture. We are using MATEK Controller with ArduPilot. It is desirable that we can easily connect your equipment.

We need a kit for the longest video transmission with antennas, as well as a telemetry transmission kit (robot control) with antennas. It is desirable that both video and control work at the same distance.

  1. In the video kit, I need 2 cameras with which your equipment works.
  2. In the communication transmission kit, I need a joystick with which your equipment works. Thank you.

iVcan: Our transmission system is a wireless transparent transmission system. We can transfer the video and any data, if your camera supports PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom function) and joystick, then connect to our system correctly, we can transfer the data, and help you to operate them wirelessly.

44. We have a set of 5 X USB cameras. We are looking for a Multiplexor that can combine these 5 images before we put them through the radio.

45. Hello, I’m using 2 nos of PTZ camera and able to control it from ground control. Can I use this transmitter and receiver to control my RC device too or is it unable to be integrated maybe got another solution?

46. I want a 30km video camera audio ethernet data transfer.

47.  I live in the USA and need something to transmit an HD SDI video from a camera to a ground station with little to no lag. I would also love to get a LBUS signal to be transmitted also in the packets.

48. The data rate required is 30Mbps for video transmission, Full duplex transmission.

49. Hello. I need a one-way wireless video transmitter and receiver. It must have low weight and will be used in UAV. What you can suggest?

50. We need to bring to the ground a video feed from planes flying at about 350mph, up to 10,000ft, in a 10mi radius from the main point. We will bring the video feed to a production truck for live broadcast. The camera can be IP or HDMI.

51. Can you suggest a good-quality CODFM video link? Our input is NTSC video from a camera.
The receiver Output should be HDMI into our monitor. (720 is acceptable, 1080P preferred). Link to operate in 902 -928 Mhz band (1 watt Tx power level). Looking for low latency and a very good NOL environment

52. Can you provide a modem with the specifications below?  – Frequency: 1.4~1.6Ghz (1Mhz unit setting)  – Bandwidth: 2Mhz  – Speed@ Distance: duplex10Mbps @ 8km (5 miles)  – Optional: Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping.

53. Our team aims to send the rocket beyond 40 km and then 100 km, do you have any recommendations for the transmitter, receiver, and camera?

54. My project is to have a Base Station that receives data from a robot (cameras, sensor data, etc…) and sends data to the robot to control it (bidirectional system).

55. I will need a solution to transmit wireless the video from 6 cameras within a range of 5 Kilometers. What solution can you propose?

56. il prodotto + economico per trasmettere e ricevere dati tcp/ip alla distanza da 3 a 5Km. cortesemente anche il costo e la disponibilita’.

56. il prodotto + economico per trasmettere e ricevere dati tcp/ip alla distanza da 3 a 5Km. cortesemente anche il costo e la disponibilita’.

57. Here are my project details and demand.

  1. I want to connect 4-6 cameras into one transmitter, and then transmit all the camera video streams through one transmitter module. All my cameras are Pan-tilt-zoom cameras with night-vision capabilities
  2. All The video camera output types can be the same or different type. I am mostly focusing on RJ45 (Ethernet IP) or also HDMI. (But they might have different output types).
  3. Then I want to receive all the video streams into one receiver module (from one transmitter). From the receiver module, I will take the output of 4-6 cameras (RJ45 Ethernet IP or HDMI) and display it on screen (probably HDMI port)
  4. Let’s Say I have 4 Cameras, I want to see the video feed of 4 cameras in a single screen (Split screen mode)
  5. I will send a control command from the Receiver to the Transmitter, to control my device. What is the procedure for uploading control command data to the transmitter from the receiver? I also want to get some response data from the transmitter to the receiver. What is the procedure to send response data to the receiver from the transmitter?

I need 3 sets of such setup above for controlling 3 harvesters by 3 different people remotely. They each will control one harvester remotely via control command and see the video feed from 4-6 cameras (per harvester) in one monitor (in split screen mode). I know “Arduino” decently. If your engineers are familiar with “Arduino”, please give me some hints.

Tell me the pricing also. If it’s good quality with a decent price point, I might consider buying some more after some successful trial run.

Tell us your demand for the wireless video transmitter and receiver, our engineer will offer you a solution for free. Request for quote (RFQ)