1. Can I change the transmitter and receiver frequency?

Yes, the frequency can be changed from 170Mhz to 860Mhz.
The frequency should be modified to the same on the transmitter and receiver. Of cause, the Power Amplifier and antenna frequency should modify the same frequency.
The default frequency is 590Mhz, With 30Mhz (+/-15Mhz), you can change it without modifying the Power Amplifier and antenna. For example, 578Mhz, 584Mhz, 590Mhz, 596Mhz, and 602Mhz.

2. Does this transmitter can send video and data (uart) to the receiver?

Yes, it supports to send the video and UART data from the transmitter and receiver.
As it is one-way transmission, so it can not send the control command from the receiver to the transmitter.

3. What the maximum distance does it support?

The transmitter default Power Amplifier is 2 Watts, so it can support 30 KM at line-of-sight.

The below picture is our tested distance from the mountain to the seaside.


4. In order to support longer distance, can I use 5W or 10W PA (power amplifier)?

Yes, if you need, we can change 5W or 10W PA to support longer distance.

5. It is cheapest and longest video transmission, but it has CVBS input only, how to connect my HDMI camera?
Yes, it support 720P CVBS video input on the transmitter and 1080P HDMI video ouput on the receiver.
If your camera is HDMI connector, you can use one HDMI to CVBS video convertor box, it will be much cheaper than you used one wireless video transmitter.
HDMI to CVBS AV video converter box
6. I have changed the parameter on the configure board tool, why it is not saving when I restart?

Step 1: Please press OK and the right button at the same time, a menu of whether to save appears on the screen.

COFDM Wireless Reciever save parameter
COFDM Wireless Reciever save parameter

Step 2: Please press OK to choose Yes to save.

wireless video receiver adjust parameter
wireless video receiver adjust parameter

7. Can I change the fequency to 300Mhz?
Yes, you can change the frequency to 300Mhz, but this is not recommended.
1. Our wireless video transmitter and receiver both support AES128 encryption and decryption. The password can be changed on the configuration board at any time. It is safe for your video.
2. If you change the frequency on the transmitter and receiver to 300Mhz, the antenna and Power Amplifier frequency should be changed to 300Mhz also.
For a small number of special frequency antennas, maybe the antenna factory will not agree to special produce.
3. Maybe the antenna problem is solved. The power amplifier in the transmitter is preset, and we also send you the test video before the delivery. If the end-user modifies the power amplifier frequency, it is easy to be burned. Without a power amplifier, then this system can not be working well the long distance. The buyer has to send it back to the China factory for repair, Although our repair is free, but the buyer has to pay all the shipping costs.
4. Please tell us what frequency the buyer wants to have, we will modify and test its quality in the factory. after QC passed, we will send you.
8. I see that the 912T device has a UART pin. Is it for config or communication?
COFDM-912T is a one-way wireless transmission system.
That means it only downloads the video or data from the transmitter to the receiver, but it can not upload the UART data from the receiver to the transmitter, for example, it can not control the transmitter's camera or drone.
Is it suitable for your project?
Or check the below link, we will understand clearly your project.

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1. What battery should I prepare for this 10W Power Amplifier transceiver?

The power supply of this transmitter and battery both are [email protected]. At the normal time, the battery we used for tested is 7AH, it can work for 2~4 hours. If you buy15AH chargeable battery, it can work continuously for about 4~8 hours.

2. Regarding the video transmitter, what are the frequencies available? Could we choose 2.4 GHz as an option or does it have to be 1.4GHz or 800MHz?
There is three frequencies to choose from 800Mhz, 1.2G, and 2.4G.
But there is no 10W Power Amplifier for 150km at 2.4Ghz. So if the buyer want to support 150km transmission distance, only 800Mhz and 1.2G can be chosen.

Not only switch the frequency at the web UI parameter easily, after changing the frequency, it also needs to change the Power Amplifier inside and the same frequency transmitter and receiver antenna. So buyer should confirm which frequency you need before delivery. The antenna is customized according to this frequency.

UI Wireless 1.4G
UI Wireless 1.4G
3. Can I use one 3-meter RF cable from the transmitter to the antenna?

Regarding the RF cable, our engineer doesn't recommend that you used so long. There will be a reduced 0.5dB for one meter RF cable. For 3 meter RF cable, the signal strength will be reduced by 1.5dB.
In order to support long-distance at the, Can you use the RF cable is less than 1 meter?
In fact, the transmitter is very smaller, it is better to keep a short distance from the transmitter to the transmitter antenna. The power supply cable for the transmitter and ethernet cable from the camera to the transmitter can be longer as there are no losses like RF cable.

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