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IP mesh type wireless video transmitter and receiver has three versions on the transmission distance, 3km, 5km, and 50km.

Our well-known IP-Mesh devices, a single-band, multi-node IP network, are used for similar star-type network transmission. One to One paired transmitter and receivers are used in traditional wireless video transmission systems. Each radio in a mesh network continues to serve as both a transmitter and a receiver, which is why they are referred to as “nodes.” Adding nodes to the system increases flexibility, allowing you to build scalable, self-assembling, self-healing wireless device networks.

The Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) protocol is used by our IP-Mesh Broadcast Systems. We employ a token-managed channel access system in which each network node is assigned a transmission slot. Based on network parameters and data traffic, tokens are passed from one node to another. As a result, if a node has more data to transmit, its time slots will be longer. The designated node in the path to the final destination can be a data endpoint or a repeater.

IP-Mesh is constantly adapting to node traffic, determining which nodes are in range, and determining the best path to send data without compromising signal stability or video quality. If a node becomes inoperable, the remaining nodes can still communicate with one another by acting as a relay for the downed node.

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