Shore-to-ship two-way communication system, boat-to-ground bidirectional intercom system with 10-15 Mbps ethernet

Shore-to-ship two-way communication system is to set up a wireless high-speed video network communication system on shore and on the boat. It is used to meet the needs of Internet access, video surveillance, and voice communication in the area about 6 to 10 kilometers offshore.

Although our TX900 supports a range of 15 kilometers, the height of the transmitting antenna and the receiving antenna is very close to the sea level. Because there are waves in the sea, these will interfere with the wireless transmission system. If possible, the transmitter and receiver’s antenna must be placed as high as possible.


1. We need to do a link from a boat to the ground. the boat will be at a maximum 6km distance, all LOS. we need to send video from the boat to the ground and bidirectional intercom. the solution we would use is based on ethernet, but we need at least 10-15 Mbps guaranteed.

Please consider the below model,
Please make sure the boat and ground antenna is higher than the waves.

2. What data rate can we expect?

10-15Mbps at 6KM distance and 10W Power Amplifier

3. So you say the long antenna on the boat and the short one on the ground?

In order to support long-distance and strong strength, it is better that there are both 1.2-meter-long antennae on the boat and ground.

4. they are the same device, just configured in a different way, right?

Yes, the transmitter and receiver are the same modules and power amplifiers, but we set one of them as the transmitter and one of them as the receiver.

5. Is there a trial period? so we can pay, receive, test and give back and refund if the system doesn’t work as expected?

Before delivery, we can take them to the seaside to simulate your usage environment, and take the test video for you. You will see that it is working well.
If you send it back to us, we agree to refund without freight shipping cost. As FedEx or DHL won’t refund us.

6. Could you also do a bitrate test at that distance, to see how much data can we expect?


For the maritime wireless communication environment, deploying MESH nodes on the shore base and ships can quickly establish a multi-hop broadband wireless network with high mobility, anti-interference, and beyond-line-of-sight transmission, providing voice, data, and video between the shore base and the ship. Multimedia integrated transmission service.

The wireless private network is connected to the customs command center, and the supervised ships are connected to the shore-based base station wirelessly.

Supports real-time dynamic networking of ship formations at sea, frequency hopping anti-jamming capabilities greatly enhance the electromagnetic countermeasures of formations at sea, and self-healing properties ensure that the wireless network has tenacious vitality, and any node failure in the network will not affect the entire formation The operation of the network can be an “unbeatable maritime mobile network”.

Quickly build a self-organizing network without a center, fast and flexible networking between boarding law enforcement officers and ships, multi-hop automatic networking, fast self-healing, adapt to various complex maritime environments, and support multi-channel high-definition video.

manet IP mesh radio for long-range audio video 20km nlos, for internet sharing with the mesh radio link, internet sharing between sea and office.


About 10 ships and just internet connection only place or install in the ship. We have our own internet dedicated provider, not from a cellular operator, so we want all ships that are nearby the seaports to have access to the internet. For bandwidth between 64kbps-1M bps, everyone can connect to the internet via wifi.

Default Frequencies 1400-1460MHz (350MHz-4GHz customizable) 
Channel Bandwidth 2M/5M/10M/20MHz/40MHz 
RF Channel 2T2R 
Output Power 43dBm (2x10W) 
WIFI (Optional) 2.4G WIFI (2x100mw) 
Modulation Type: BPSK/QPSK/16-QAM/64-QAM/DSSS/CCK 
Data Rate Up to 82Mbps 
Network Capability 9 hops and no less than 64 nodes 
Encryption AES
RF Interface N F x2 
PTT Interface (Optional) LEMO 7-pin 
4G (Optional) Micro SIM x1 Electrical Characteristics

20W high RF power output

 Range up to 20 3 0km LOS

 Supports 100 240V AC wide voltage

 High bandwidth up to 82Mbps

 Supports AES encryption

 Supports HDMI input /output and LAN

 With dual antennas MIMO

 Supports up to 64 nodes MESH network

 Full IP duplex transparent data transmission

 Flexible networking and rapid deployment

 2U rack mount design

 With rugged aviation aluminum housing

Marine wireless video transmitter transmission


Working frequency: 1.4GHz
Channel Bandwidth: 2.5MHz (uplink), 10MHz (downlink)
Maximum emission energy: 33dBm
Modulation: OFDM
Constellation: BPSK, QPSK, 16QAM
Forward error correction code: LDPC (1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6)
Duplex mode: TDD
Uplink throughput: 300kbps (serial port + network port + remote control)
Downlink throughput: 2Mbps~8Mbps
Video interface: Ethernet port, serial port, PPM/SBUS
encryption: AES128/256
Size: 150X100X54mm
weight: 1159g
Operating Voltage: 6V~16V
Operating temperature: -20℃~60℃
Interface options: Ethernet port, serial port
Transmission distance: 5KM


Support point-to-point (TDD) and point-to-multipoint applications (TDMA)
Excellent ground-to-ground transmission performance
Stable high-speed mobile communication performance
Reliable downlink in-band information transmission channel
ARQ retransmission and adaptive frequency hopping
Low latency
AES encryption
Customized for unmanned ships
Water cooling
ip65 waterproof
Image data control three in one
5KM long-distance wireless transmission

20km over sea HDMI wireless video transmitter and receiver test for boat or from shore to ship

long-range wireless video transmitter for Marine ship boat sea ocean
long-range wireless video transmitter for Marine ship boat sea ocean
Shore-to-ship two-way communication system, boat-to-ground bidirectional intercom system with 10-15 Mbps ethernet 6

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OFDM Wireless Video Transmitter for IP Cameras Lightweight Long Range Transmission Automatic Network

Transmission Distance

PA Power Amplifier Inside

Flight Control Protocol

Transmitter Video Input

Wireless Transmit Method

Obstacle and Sight

Encrypt and decrypt

Transmission Carrier

Data Direction



FAQs about Wireless Video Transmitter and Receiver

Our wireless video transmitters have these types of video input interfaces: HDMI 1080P and 4K HDMI, CVBS composite, SDI, AHD, IP Ethernet, BNC, or tell us what type do you need, our engineer will modify to meet your demand.

Our transmission distance can be adjusted by adding power amplifiers. At present, the main ones are 15km, 30km, 50km, 80km, 100km , and 150km, which depend on the needs of customers.

Of course, the transmission distances listed above are all within LOS the line-of-sight range. If there are obstacles between the transmitter and the receiver, NLOS (the non-line-of-sight), the transmission distance is greatly reduced, only 1km or 2km, depending on the number of intermediate obstacles and the local wireless environment.

One-way means, We can only transmit and download video or data from the wireless video transmitter to the receiver in one direction, and we cannot upload video or data from the receiver to the transmitter. This type is also called simplex.

Two-way means that, not only we can download video or data from our wireless transmitter to the receiver, but also we can upload the video or data from the receiver to the transmitter. This is very suitable for operating drones. You can not only see the real-time video transmitted from the drone, but also upload the command to control the drone or the command to control the PTZ camera to adjust the angle to the transmitter. This can operate simultaneously. This type also named half-dulpex or full-duplex.

Please check the details at the below link.

Most Wireless video transmitters now support AES128 or AES256 bit encryption and decryption, depending on which model you choose. Please contact us to verify.

The frequencies of both the wireless video transmitter and the wireless video receiver can be modified. Users need to purchase additional parameter configuration boards.

However, considering that the corresponding power amplifier and antenna are already fixed within a certain range when the goods are sent out. If the user adjusts the frequency of the transmitter, the corresponding power amplifier, transmitter antenna and receiver antenna should also be modified to the same frequency, and these users need to be prepared. If not, it will cause the frequency of the wireless video transmitter to be different from the frequency of the antenna, making reception difficult. So please be sure to inform the correct frequency you need before placing an order.

If it is for security or confidentiality, you can use the encryption and decryption functions of the transmitter and receiver, which can ensure that your video transmission is private. .

Yes, all our product parameters can be customized according to customer's needs. If you have a special request, please let us know via the link below.

  1. Change the place of the receiver to avoid potential local interference from strong magnetic environments.
  2. Ensure that the antennas on both the transmitter and receiver are vertical.
  3. Please raise the antennas of the transmitter and receiver to maintain a certain height difference.
  4. Please look around to ensure that there are no obstacles between the transmitter and receiver.
  5. Change the orientation of the receiver antenna.
  6. If it doesn't work, try moving the receiver to be near the transmitter's position to see if it exceeds the effective wireless transmission distance.
  7. Or consider adding a relay of the transmitting between the transmitter and receiver.
  8. The antenna should be as high off the ground as possible, as the ground will absorb the transmitted signal.
We can, of course, supply wireless video transmitter modules and power amplifiers.
For the first sample test, I recommend that you purchase the entire set of products because our engineers have optimized the parameters to achieve the best performance.
After you have completed your test verification, you can remove the case or heat sink, install it in your device, and constantly adjust the parameters to achieve the best performance. In the future, you will be able to purchase only the modules or accessories that you require.

Of course, we also understand that wireless video transmission transmitters and receivers are very expensive. You are far away from the China factory. and hope that the goods you receive are fit for the best performance.

If you pay special attention to a specific parameter or function, we can take some test videos based on the features you want to see, please feel free to contact us. It won't be shipped to you directly without your approval.

To test the delay of the wireless video transmitter and receiver, we need to do two tests.

The first is to test the delay from the camera to the display.

The second is the camera, plus the display plus the wireless image transmission transmitter and the delay of the receiver.

Subtracting the two test results is the real delay of the wireless video transmitter and receiver.

As a professional long-range HDMI wireless video transmitter and receiver supplier and manufacturer in China Shenzhen, we produce the best wireless video transmitter and receiver for many years, and we got a good reputation and best reviews.

Some famous brands of wireless video transmitters, like Blackmagic, Holyland mars 300 400s, Accsoon cine eye 5g, RavenEye, Zhiyun, Inkee benbox, actiontec, CVW SWIFT 800, dahua, iogear, Artek pat-225k, microlite, nyrius, teradek.

The best budget wireless broadcast video transmitter and the receiver have many applications, for 4K tv, CCTV security camera, vehicle backup camera, PTZ video camera kit, battery-powered, computer, sony camcorder, wifi video conference system, CANON DSLR, UAV drone, pc computer laptop, projector, in-car, iPhone iPad, live streaming, GoPro sports camera, raspberry pi, Xbox.

The full HD video, audio, data link smallest 1080P wireless video transmitter and the receiver has many input and output connectors, like AV composite CVBS, HDMI, SDI, BNC, VGA, USB.

The wireless video transmitter sender TX RX frequency has 170-806Mhz, 1.2ghz, 2.4G, 5.8G, lowest but not zero latency. In order to support longer distances, the power amplifier has 10w, 20watts, and even 30W.

What is a best buy FHD wireless video transmitter at a cheap price? It should consider your details requirement, choose suitably, not expensive, if you have any doubt, please fulfil the request a quote form, our engineer will offer you a solution.

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