2.4 GHz Video Receiver

2.4 GHz Video Receiver

It’s our newest designed HD multi-functional CODFM video receiver special for army outdoor use. The use of advanced multi-carrier diversity reception technology to support high-speed mobile reception and non-line-of-sight.With 7-inch high-definition screen provides simple control operation by the user and perfect image display, Which provides quick reference data for quick installation works. Our product is widely used in the security, fire, emergency communications, and broadcasting industries.

Product Features:

  1. High brightness, contrast, anti-glare screen with a sunshade, sun clearly visible.
  2. Center marker,screen marker(viewfinder)function
  3. Color/B&W/R,G,B Monochrome display
  4. COFDM modulation,H.264/MPEG-2 full functional image decoding;
  5. Support Multicarrier double antenna diversity reception
  6. Built in with 7 inch 1080P high definition LCD screen;
  7. With internal Li-battery,support 4 hours continously working;
  8. Frequency can be customized according to requirements.Usual suggest at the range of 300-900MHz;
  9. Support video audio transmitting synchronously;
  10. Frequency:300-900MHz (optional);
  11. Modulation:COFDM;
  12. Bandwidth:2/2.5/4/8MHz (adjustable);
  13. USB plugs: U disk inserted type DVR;
  14. Audio output:3.5mm jack (CVBS) headphone;
  15. Voltage:DC12V;
  16. Sensitivity:-104dBm/2MHz;
  17. Decoding mode:H.264/MPEG-2;
  18. Encryption mode:AES256 bits;
  19. Internal Li-battery:6000mA, can work 4 hours synchronously;
  20. Dimension:33420051mm
  21. Net weight:3.1kg
    Front control panel:
2.4 GHz Video Receiver
2.4 GHz Video Receiver
  1. Headphone jack
  2. CAMERA: Camera mode key
  3. SCALE: Screen marker dispaly confirm,you can choose 80%,85%,90%,93%,96%,off.
  4. LEFT: Center mark (cross) display, volume adjustment is to reduce the volume, press the RIGHT button to confirm. Then press this button to control the volume decrease. In the menu settings for project selection and adjustment. showed that the volume is adjusted to reduce the volume. Press the right key to confirm and then click this button again to control the volume decrease. The menu is for project selection and fixed value adjustment.
  5. RIGHT: volume adjustment confirmation key. When you need to adjust the volume, first press to confirm the size press, then press this button to increase the volume control in the menu settings for project selection and adjustment.
  6. MENU: Menu key to enter/exit the menu.
  7. DOWN: Direct pressing this key, shortcut keys for the focus assist. To enter the menu for the down adjustment key select the next option.
  8. UP:Direct pressing this key,color/B&W/monochrome(R,G,B)select a shortcut.Enter the menu for the up adjustment key to select the previous option.
  9. Model: 1080P/1080I resolution, HD&sdi interfaces are automatically compatible.
  10. Power: On/standby select key
  11. Power indicator
  12. DC12V: power supply;
  13. ON/OFF
  14. RJ45: network connector.
  15. USB: U disk inserted type DVR;
    SunShade installation and remove
  16. Installation: Positive parallel alignment of the sunshade and monitor, the projection of the sunshade hanging claw at the monitor sunshade slot(see the monitor front view marked 17). Pay attention to the position should be aligned around inserted balanced slide down.
    Sunshade installation view:
2.4 GHz Video Receiver
2.4 GHz Video Receiver

①The sun shade’s hanging claw and the monitor’s sun shade slot should be aligned around inserted balance to slide down.
②By equilibrium of sliding down to match up the sun shade and monitor.
③Please follow the steps, otherwise will damage the cover. Pls, do not press the L/R panel of the sun shade, if not, unable open the cover.

2.4 GHz Video Receiver
2.4 GHz Video Receiver
  1. Remove: When you want to shade cover to be removed from the monitor, hands clench the monitor and the sun shade, drag up the shade cover from the monitor, which separates the sun shade from the monitor.

Remove sun shade view:

2.4 GHz Video Receiver
2.4 GHz Video Receiver
2.4 GHz Video Receiver
2.4 GHz Video Receiver

①In accordance with the instructions below steps, close the sunshade in sequence.
②Drag up sun shade balance to separate the sunshade from the monitor.
③Remove the sunshade

Product application:

2.4 GHz Video Receiver 1
2.4 GHz Video Receiver
2.4 GHz Video Receiver
2.4 GHz Video Receiver