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Japan ISDB-T

Why do Japanese ISDB-T digital TVs have b-cas readers?

japan ISDB-T B-cas

Terrestrial digital television in Japan is also called 地上波. All TV boxes that go to Japan require a b-cas card. If you do not have a b-cas card, the TV picture is 720P. On a small screen such as a car TV or mobile phone, the 720P TV picture can still be received. If a b-cas card is inserted, the TV picture is 1080P, otherwise, the picture will be blurry and jagged on an HDMI monitor or a large TV.

Japan ISDB-T B-cas
Japan ISDB-T B-cas

Japan ISDB-T Frequency List

BandCH MHz
UHF13 ch473.142857MHz
14 ch479.142857MHz
 15 ch485.142857MHz
 16 ch491.142857MHz
 17 ch497.142857MHz
 18 ch503.142857MHz
 19 ch509.142857MHz
 20 ch515.142857MHz
 21 ch521.142857MHz
 22 ch527.142857MHz
 23 ch533.142857MHz
 24 ch539.142857MHz
 25 ch545.142857MHz
 26 ch551.142857MHz
 27 ch557.142857MHz
 28 ch563.142857MHz
 29 ch569.142857MHz
 30 ch575.142857MHz
UHF31 ch581.142857MHz
44 ch659.142857MHz
UHF45 ch665.142857MHz
52 ch707.142857MHz
 62 ch767.142857MHz
Japan ISDB-T Frequency Channel LIst

For more information and how to get b-cas in Japan, please visit https://www.b-cas.co.jp

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