B-cas card reader for Japan ISDB-T 2022

japan ISDB-T B-cas

Why do you need A b-cas card in Japan?

A B-CAS card is necessary for Japan if you want to watch ISDB-T in 1080P. If don’t insert this card in the ISDB-T receiver, then the tv picture is 720p, for the small screens, this picture resolution is acceptable except that your in-car monitor is HDMI input. All of our iVcan ISDB-T products can be added to the B-cas card reader for Japan market.

Except for Japan, other countries’ ISDB-T doesn’t need the B-cas card.

Here is some card reader size for Japan ISDB-T digital tv receiver.

B-cas card reader for Japan ISDB-T

The bcas card is only for Japan ISDB-T, please check that there is a Bcas slot in card reader for the Japan ISDBT tv receiver. Please don’t use any b cas card crack tool to hack or damage the tv box.

In China, we produced the ISDB-T digital tv receiver for the Japanese market, but we don’t sell any bcas card. If you buy it at the Japan local market, please ask your seller to offer it, who can get it from the official office.

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B-cas card reader for Japan ISDB-T 2022 1
Mini Bcas Card

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