Install ISDB-T digital tv with app touch screen control for android head unit in the car or smartphone pad

Now, more and more people have changed their head unit from the traditional radio to android OS car player. In the past, if you want to watch the digital TV, you have to connect a lot of wires of the digital TV box with the monitor. And more, they have to use the remote control to operate the TV box, it is not convenient, and it is not safe when the car is running.

Now there is one small digital TV ISDB-T receiving the box, it supports the android car player via the USB connector.

It is fully touch-control the TV operation on the car player screen easily. No need for the remote control again. The installation is also simple and easy, just connect the USB to the android USB port, and put the antenna connector on the RF input, then install the app on your head unit. This android ISDB-T TV box supports to get good TV reception on the high speed running car, even if the speed is over 150 km per hour. Here remind you that watching TV in driving is not safe, I just want to tell you the TV box supports good TV reception performance. The function is strong, but the body is very small and smart, the size is smaller than a USB stick, easy to plug in and plug off, and it is convenient to hide in the car. In order to beautify your car, you need to take some time on the TV antenna cable install. Please install it at the upper or top of the car, that will ensure your TV box can get a strong TV signal. Some widescreen with the film will reduce the TV signal strength, then you need to try to place different places of the car to find the best installation place.

The application supports android 6.0 up to 11.0, you also can install it on your android phone if you want. As you may know, the ISDB-T digital TV signal is free, with no need for Internet and Wi-Fi.

In the application UI, there are many buttons to support your normal operation. For example, checking the current TV channel list, EPG, electronic program guide, and screen ratio switch between 16:9 and 4:3 to meet different screens size. The red button is one button to start or stop to record the current TV program, you can record the music and TV program anytime. There are two direction icons to operate the channel increase or channel decrease.

If I should say the one shortcoming about this smart TV box, is that it only supports isdb-t one segment, not a full segment TV channel. (support ISDB-T one seg and full seg model). The monitor in the car is not big like the home big screen, in the car, the most panel is 7~14 inch, it is enough to show you a fast TV program, no mosaic. Frankly speaking, this gadget is very nice. If you need one similar model to support DVB-T2, please check here. Thanks for your time and for watching this video.

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