Vehicle Remote SD Transmitter

Vehicle Remote SD Transmitter

Vehicle Remote SD Transmitter 30W Long Distance Wireless Image Sender 2-8 Watt
Detailed Product Description
DC Input: DC11-16V
Modulation: COFDM,2K ,QPSK
RF Bandwidth: 4/8MHz(adjustable)
RF Power Output: 2-8W (adjustable)
Video Coding: H.264
operating temperature: -25℃~55℃
Dimension: 190*120*60mm
Weight: 1400g

High RF Transmitter Features:
RF power 25-45W NLOS distance up to 50km NLOS distance;
Use in rescue, reconnaissance, field operations, and other emergency communication systems;
High definition and good image effects;
Support high-speed mobile transmission, max speed 450km/h.
It is a Big RF power device specially designed for vehicle NLOS mobile digital image transmission . Using standard 19inch 2U dimension appearance that very conveniently for car, boat fixed installation.Support one channel image and two audio channels. Its large of power depends on its long-range distance transmission. Suitable for Car to car, boat to boat, vehicle to a fixed station, boat to a fixed station, helicopter to fixed station Which can be also as a repeater, can up to 100km LOS and 50km NLOS distance if work with Omni-directional antenna.

There are two types of devices for your choice, one is a 2U/1U case, and another one is a waterproof case. Pictures are as follows:

Vehicle Remote SD Transmitter
Vehicle Remote SD Transmitter
Vehicle Remote SD Transmitter
Vehicle Remote SD Transmitter


RF Indexs:
Frequency 200-900MHz(optional)
RF Power 20-45W
Transmit distance 50km max NLOS
Power Supply DC12V 7.8A / AC220V 5A
Output level 33-47dBm(opional)
Frequency stability 0.0005%(standard)
Impedance 50Ω
Phase Noise @10KHz -75dBc
Video output U band200-900MHz(optional) ”L-16″
Audio Index:
Interface BNC(no audio in/out)
Audio output 600Ω balance/0.5v unbalance
De-emphasis 75us/50us
Frequency response 50Hz to 15KHz(+/-0.5dB)
carrier frequency 6.5MHz
Distortion 3%
FM Noise -50dB
Video index
Video Output 75 Ω unbalanced, 1.0Volt P-P
Differential gain 5%
Differential phase 5
SNR 55dB
Other Index
Work environment -35~+55°C
Humidity 0.96%
Size 400230160mm
Weight 8kg(2U chassis)

Receiver System Indicators
Frequency 200-900MHz(UHF&VHF)
Standard ISO/IEC13818-3
Impedance 75Ω
Bandwidth 2/4/6/8MHz(optional)
Video Output Analogic AV signal
Video Format 4:3,16:9
Audio Output Frequency Range 20Hz~20KHz
Resolution Max 720×576
Sound channel mode dual track
Channel mode mono
Input Level 29~80dBuV
Sample frequency 340MHz
Interface BNC
Volume adjustment 20 levels to adjust
Audio output Impedance 75Ω
Video output impedance 75Ω
Video Output Level 1.0Vp-p BNC
Video format 4:3, 16:9
Videography DVBTXTETSI/EN300472
Audio output frequency range 20Hz-20KHz
Voltage 110-240V / DC12-28V
Resolution 720576 Audio Output Level 0dBm Temperature -30~50°C Humidity 0.96% Weight 3KG Size 290190*100mm (1 U chassis)

Packaging Details
Accessories 2antennas (customized); 1adapter; 2*connection line.
Style Paper carton
Size Undetermined
Overall Weight ≥15kg
Product installation:

Vehicle Remote SD Transmitter
Vehicle Remote SD Transmitter