Rockchip RV1126 and RV1109 IPC solutions have been extensively upgraded.

In the face of a complex lighting environment, people and vehicle traffic flow, changing human movements, and other complex scenes, imaging quality, picture effect, and detail rendering ability are important indicators for considering IPC solution technology. Rockchip’s two IPC solutions, RV1126, and RV1109 have recently been upgraded, based on Rockchip’s self-developed ISP2.0 technology, with visible benefits.

RV1126 and RV1109-core-board-block-diagram
RV1126 and RV1109-core-board-block-diagram

1. Backlight and strong light are clear, while black light and full color smear less.

The performance in various scenarios benefits from the six technical features of the RV1126 and RV1109 solutions, which include multi-level noise reduction, 3-frame HDR, sharpness and contrast, Smart AE intelligent automatic exposure, AWB white balance, and distortion correction.

1.1 Low noise contrast: less smear, better clarity

Pedestrians come and go at night, and it has been discovered through actual measurement that, when compared to other solutions, the RV1126 and RV1109 with “multi-level noise reduction” technology can show pedestrians waving without smearing in the picture. There is less noise in the lane vignetting, the motorcycle’s license plate is also clearer, the noise in the dark place is extremely low, the noise suppression ability is strong, and there is no obvious backlight overflow.

1.2 HDR comparison: the image is more clear.

The RV1126 and RV1109 rely on 3-frame HDR technology to make the beautiful heads and walls more delicate under strong light in the laboratory comparison of the left and right dynamic ratio 10x scene. Furthermore, the overexposure of the highlighted areas is reduced, preserving the details. The brightness of the darkened faces displayed by RV1126 and RV1109 is realistic when compared to the darker faces of other schemes.

1.3 Sharpness and contrast: more restoration

Sharpness measures the sharpness of the image plane as well as the sharpness of the edges. Sharpness can help to restore details. Contrast is a measure of the performance of various levels of brightness between the brightest whites and the darkest blacks in an image’s light and dark areas. During the test, in the face of complex scenes in the city composed of road overpasses, traffic flow, street lights, buildings, and so on, RV1126 and RV1109 bring better sharpness and contrast than their solutions, whether it is the outline of houses, street lights, trees, or the details and clarity of distant buildings in the picture, the technical advantages of RV1126 and RV1109 sharpness and contrast are fully reflected.

1.4 Comparison of lumens: higher brightness

The brightness displayed by the screen varies with lumens. It is necessary to test whether the IPC solution has a more ideal picture control ability in order to restore the real side. According to the actual measurements, the overall brightness of the RV1126 and RV1109 is better under the lumen level of 1/10/50lux, thanks to the “Smart AE intelligent automatic exposure” technology.

1.5 AWB white balance comparison: faithfully restore the color of the original scene

The AWB white balance is critical to image quality. Through measurement and comparison, RV1126 and RV1109 accurately restored the image quality in the sunny daytime scene of blue sky, sunshine, road, cowboy man, and the large area of green trees using “AWB white balance” technology. Live scenes in their true colors.

1.6 Wide-angle contrast: precise distortion control

The RV1126 and RV1109 accurately repaired the distortion in the wide-angle comparison test using the on-chip distortion correction algorithm. According to the comparison chart, RV1126 and RV1109 accurately control the distortion, and the human body, door, and so on are displayed normally.

2. Storage space has been increased by 100%.

RV1126 and RV1109 use Smart265 encoding technology, which can produce high-definition image files that are also small in size. For example, if other solutions use 30 days of memory to record monitoring images, the use of RV1126 and RV1109 can last 60 days. It can be seen that using Smart265 technology reduces the file size for the same video source by half.

3. AI algorithm that is self-contained in order to realize intelligent security applications

Rockchip is currently working with a number of well-known AI algorithm companies, including SenseTime, Megvii, Arcsoft, Yuemian, Boguan, and others.

RV1126 and RV1109 have AI algorithms built in that can realize intelligent applications such as out-of-bounds detection, face detection, license plate recognition, and so on, speeding up the product landing process.

4. Same designed board, easy upgrade from RV1109 to RV1126

Because the RV1126 and RV1109 hardware is Pin2Pin compatible, customers can seamlessly upgrade the camera from 5 to 14 megapixels, saving time and effort.

The comparison images show that the RV1126 and RV1109 solutions start from the pain points of security products and technically solve the needs of reproducing the real picture, extending the recording time, and expanding the application scenarios of security intelligence in the face of complex scenes. It is expected that Rockchip’s IPC solution will become the primary technology choice in the security market, increasing product core competitiveness.

RV1126, Frequently Asked Question

RV1126 is a full-featured multi-interface board built with Rockchip's RV1109 RV1126 chip. It is a standard board used by new customers to evaluate chip functions, run performances, and demonstrate the chip's powerful multimedia and peripheral interface functions. After the customer confirms the performance, they modify the interface to meet the needs of their project and redesign a new carrier board or motherboard so that it can connect directly to the RV1126 core board.

The RV1126 and RV1109 have the same functional interface, with the exception that the RV1126 is a quad-core and the RV1109 is a dual-core, and the RV1126 is slightly more powerful. The RV1126 has a 1400-pixel ISP processor with 2TOPS of NPU arithmetic, whereas the RV1109 has a 5MP ISP processor with 1.2TOPS of NPU arithmetic. Both are P2P designs, easy to replace, and can effectively reduce development costs by forming a high and low-end product line.

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