Japan ISDBT HD Digital Signal TV Receiver Full Segment One Seg Automatic Search Channel Mobile Video USB

Some clients、I would like to know the OSD menu of Japanese ISDB-T TV receivers。Also、I also want to know how to send a TV search channel when getting a new product。here、Here's a video showing the details。

1.Connect the digital TV antenna and power supply。

2.Select Search from the first OSD menu on the remote control、Move up and down to select。

  1. [OK]Press、Starts automatic search for TV channels。

4.If you wait for a while until all frequency searches are completed、Search will end automatically。

5.Enter the machine setting menu、Search for stations、Operate the remote control、You can also press the menu button。

6.Operate the arrow keys on the remote control down、Move the cursor to automatic search

7.Press the confirmation button on the remote control、Enter the automatic search interface

8.When the search is complete、It will quit automatically and the program will play。

We have designed and manufactured ISDB-T digital TV receivers for the Japanese market for over 10 years.。 1antenna、2antenna、4antenna、B-CAS、With EWBS function。Also、Designed ISDB-T digital TV module for Japan。Please contact us if you are interested。

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