Change D3 from transparent serial port to AT command interaction

Why do we need to change D3 from Transparent serial port to AT command interaction

The default shipping configuration of the D3 serial port is used as a transparent serial port. If the customer needs to modify it for AT command interaction, the internal AT command can be sent under the web server to modify the role of the D3 serial port. The specific steps are as follows:

1. Log in to the debug page of the web server

debug for two way wireless video data transceiver
debug for two-way wireless video data transceiver

2. Enter the “AT^CONFIG=1,0,0” command in the “At Command” column, and the “OK” prompt will be returned if successful

 3. Enter “AT^CONFIG?” command in the “At Command” column to check again to confirm whether the configuration is successful



  1. After the above modification, you need to restart the power to take effect
  2. If you need to modify D3 to be a transparent serial port again, just replace the above AT command with “AT^CONFIG=0,0,0”.

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