COFDM Wireless Transmitter

COFDM Wireless Transmitter

Detailed Product Description

Frequency:250-4400MhzAV Interface:HDMI/SDI(have To Choose One)
Encryption:AES128/256bitsVideo Compression:MPEG4/H.264

515g Leightweight COFDM Wireless Transmitter NLOS Camera Video Sender Encryption

Lightweight COFDM Video Transmitter Features:

  1. Low delay, lightweight, live broadcast;
  2. Support Full- HD quality image;
  3. Support 1080i/1080P HD transmission;
  4. COFDM modulation;
  5. Built-in with HDM or HD-SDI interface(single selection);
  6. Support composite standard video and balanced audio input;
  7. All parameters can be adjusted by the user;

Wireless COFDM Transmitter Introduction:

Such a new design 1080P HD transmitter is a powerful HD transmit system, using the core of mobile communication technology COFDM(multi-carrier modulation technique), which can transmit good quality and stable full-hd digital video signal under the condition of high-speed mobile and heavy building blocks transmission in a city environment. Support full HD 1080P H.264 encoding format and HDMI/SDI two HD inputs(single selection) as well support stereo balanced audio input and narrowband transmission system.


Video InputAV: 3.5mm port, connect to standard resolution analog video signal
HD/HDMI: support HD1080P,720P,576,480;
Frequency300-4400MHz (optional)
Output power3W
Data encryptionAES (user-defined password)
FEC1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 7/8
Guard Interval1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4
Video CompressionH.264
Standard Video FormatPAL/NTSC (auto adaptation)
Parameter control methodSet the related parameters through the control panel
RF InterfaceSMA
Working temperature-20℃~75℃
Transmission distance1-40km max LOS (on air)
COFDM Wireless Transmitter
COFDM Wireless Transmitter
COFDM Wireless Transmitter
COFDM Wireless Transmitter
COFDM Wireless Transmitter
COFDM Wireless Transmitter