COFDM Receiver Box

COFDM Receiver Box

4 Channels Digital COFDM Receiver Box Wireless LCD Recorder 17 Inch
Detailed Product Description
Modulation: COFDM
Frequency: 300-800MHz (optional); 1.0-1.5GHz (customized)
Frequency/data: 200-270MHz (adjustable)
Channel: 4 Video + 4 Audio Output
LCD Monitor: 17″ Standard Samsung Screen
Size: 500400400mm

This is our exclusive design COFDM transmitter and matched receiver. Has a character of low power consumption, a small dimension on the transmitter, and more adequate considerations provided by us to make it more intuitive and natural.
Use H.264 coding format and COFDM (coded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing) modulation with 1 channel suitcase receiver built-in with DVR monitor, provide a high quality of picture in revolution 720*576 and short latency. Be with video server, support remote image monitor, dynamic IP, support IE browsing.
This specially designed system is for long-range distance for military tactical application with voice intercom function, which also is popular to use in other fields for live broadcast video audio transmission.

Receiver System Indicators
Frequency/video 300-800MHz (optional); 1.0-1.5GHz (customized)
Frequency/Data 200-270MHz (adjustable)
Receive sensitivity -105dBm
RF Interface N(F)
Modulation COFDM
Channel 1ch or 4ch AV
Bandwidth 2/2.5/4/8MHz (adjustable)
AV Interface BNC
FEC 1/2,2/3,3/4,7/8
Guard Interval 1/32,1/16,1/8,1/4
Video Output 1 line NTSC/PAL analog video

Revolution 720*576

Audio Output Analog stereo left and right channels

Data encryption AES 256 bit

Voltage AC220V±20V, DC14V~DC16V

Battery 25000mA (built-in)

Memory 60G SSD, support 48hours continuously recording

Work environment -30~70

Video Format NTSC/PAL(self-adaption)

LCD monitor 17 or 19 inch

Weight 18 or 22 kg

Size 520mm*430mm*210mm

COFDM Receiver Box
COFDM Receiver Box
COFDM Receiver Box
COFDM Receiver Box