How to test the face recognition on the Rockchip RV1126

6 step to set face detection recognition function on rockchip RV1126 1109 core board and Sony IMX415

How to test the face recognition on the Rockchip RV1126

The Rockchip RV1126 chip’s core board or development board is very powerful, including AI-IPC face recognition. A client requested that we create a demo video to demonstrate this feature. The following are the test steps for using the face recognition function.
1. First, connect the development board and the computer with a network cable, paying attention to the same LAN IP address.
2. In the browser, type the web IP management address to access the parameter setting page. For the details of this operation please see my other video, the link is in the description.
3. On the web UI management page, under config, select both face detection enabled and face recognition enabled.
4. On the member list page, Add a new member to the list and upload a picture of your own face.
5. Hold the board and camera at the tester for a few seconds, the person with the registered face and the person without the registered face.
6. The test results are displayed on the Control page. The registered face will record the time captured by the camera, and other commands such as opening the door can be triggered later; the unregistered face has no event record.
Thank you for watching, and please let me know if there are any other features you’d like to see.

How to test the face recognition on the Rockchip RV1126

RV1126, Frequently Asked Question

RV1126 is a full-featured multi-interface board built with Rockchip's RV1109 RV1126 chip. It is a standard board used by new customers to evaluate chip functions, run performances, and demonstrate the chip's powerful multimedia and peripheral interface functions. After the customer confirms the performance, they modify the interface to meet the needs of their project and redesign a new carrier board or motherboard so that it can connect directly to the RV1126 core board.

The RV1126 and RV1109 have the same functional interface, with the exception that the RV1126 is a quad-core and the RV1109 is a dual-core, and the RV1126 is slightly more powerful. The RV1126 has a 1400-pixel ISP processor with 2TOPS of NPU arithmetic, whereas the RV1109 has a 5MP ISP processor with 1.2TOPS of NPU arithmetic. Both are P2P designs, easy to replace, and can effectively reduce development costs by forming a high and low-end product line.

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