Germany DVB-T2 Channel List H.265

Germany DVB-T2 Channel List

Germany DVB-T2 Channel List from DVB-T265 tested in Germany

QuestionI want to remark that the DVB-T265 is a very good receiver. But as you know, every product has the potential to improve its performance. Especially for the German market, I want to indicate how the DVB-T265 receiver could be even more successful. Therefore you have to make only small modifications: After the automatic search a lot of channels are included in the TV List, but only a few of them can be displayed because the receiver is not able to handle all the channels. Therefore, to avoid confusion for the user, it would be better to eliminate the following entries from the list: I. Channels with the ‘$’-sign (this is pay-TV, I was asked by many customers why the screen is dark for these channels) II. Channels that include the word ‘(connect)’ in their name. These channels need an Internet-Connection Without these entries the list would be more compact than below the picture and the selection of a special channel would be easier, especially in the car environment.
AnswerThanks for your comments, please check the below link to get the upgrade software. DVB-T2 firmware upgrade software download, How to upgrade?
  1. Unzip and copy the file to a USB stick.
  2. Remote Control to choose, MENU->System->Software Upgrade
  3. When upgrading, please do not disconnect the power.
  4. After upgrading successfully, please make a factory reset, user password 000000
  5. Then AutoSearch again.
Germany DVB-T2 Channel List H.265 1

Germany DVB-T2 Channel List
Germany DVB-T2 Channel List
001 ZDF
002 3sat
003 ZDFinfo
004 neo/KIKA
012 arte
013 Phoenix
014 ONE
015 Das Erste
016 BR Fernsehen Sud HD
017 hr.fernsehen HD
021 Das Erste HD
022 arte HD
024 tagesschau24 HD
025 ONE HD
033 Bayerisches FS
034 hr- fernsehen
035 SWR Fernsehen BW
036 WDR Fersehen
037 ZDF HD
038 ZDFinfo HD
039 zdf-neo HD
040 3sat HD
Germany DVB-2 Channel List H.265
Germany DVB-T2 Channel List

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