COFDM Transceiver

COFDM Transceiver is a pair of devices, that can get and send out data, and video. COFDM transmitter and receiver is a one-way link, it only supports unidirectional transmission.

The COFDM transceiver consists of two sets of COFDM transmitters and receivers, which transmit in opposite directions so that one device can receive and send data, video, and audio to another paired device. So COFDM Transceive is a two-way transmission link.

Both COFDM transceiver has ethernet IP RJ45 connector, it like invisible net cable. It supports connecting an IP camera and also supports connecting two far-way computers, it supports running ping commands at Windows OS CMD, which will feedback on the transmission time.

COFDM usually has two COFDM operating frequencies from 170Mhz to 860Mhz. The selected frequencies need to be as far apart as possible to avoid mutual interference.
In actual use, it is necessary to add a PA power amplifier, filter, and antenna matching the working frequency.

COFDM Transceiver 1

COFDM transceiver, also named Bidirectional COFDM Ethernet Radio, Bidirectional Wireless Ethernet Bridge.

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