Users Manual for Mimo Mesh Series Wireless Broadband MESH

Users-Manual-for-Mimo Mesh-Series-Wireless-Broadband-MESH

Handheld/Backpack/Airborne/Vehicular Rack-mounted/Outdoor/Dual-band Radios

Users Manual for Mimo Mesh Series Wireless Broadband MESH 1

Wireless Mesh Radios

(Centerless, MP2MP, Dynamic Routing/Multi-hop Relay, Network & Serial & Voice)

HD Video/ Data Link/ Industrial Wireless Networks

(Master-Slave,P2P/P2MP/Relay, Network & Serial)

Wireless Data Transmission

(Conventional/Frequency Hopping, Broadcasting, Transparent Transmission, Serial)

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Users Manual for Mimo Mesh Series Wireless Broadband MESH 2

Mimo Mesh Wireless Broadband MESH

Broadband wireless mesh radio is the best choice for point-to-point, point-to-multi-point integrated services communication, which is consisted of a centerless, distributed, self-forming, self-adapting and self-healing dynamic routing/multi-hop relay communication mesh network. And the broadband mesh radio can achieve dynamic routing, multi-hop relay HD video, multi-channel data and fidelity voice between different nodes of the same network in complex applications, such as fast displacement, non-line-of-sight and electromagnetic interference.

Based on fifth-generation mobile communication (5G)/ software defined radio (SDR) technology for multi- carrier modulation OFDM, smart antenna MIMO and mobile Ad Hoc network MANET, MimoMesh is the most powerful mesh radio recently, which can provide real-time HD video, multi-channel data, push to talk voice and broadband Ethernet connection with 100Mbps transmission rate and distance of 50KM or more. It is ideal choice for wireless communication in critical private networks.

MimoMesh wireless broadband MESH, fully ip-based design, flexible installation and use, convenient operation and maintenance, provide video extension and WIFI/4G routing extension. It can be flexibly applied to military communication private network, public safety private network, emergency communication private network, industry information private network, regional Broadband Private network, wireless monitoring private network, cooperative management private network and intelligent transmission private network. For military communications, counter-terrorism, public security law enforcement, security activities, emergency rescue, fire command, forest fire prevention, forestry monitoring, civil air defense/earthquake, electric power patrol, digital oilfield, UAV fleet interchange, fleet formation, maritime communications, airport ground service, subway emergency, highway construction, hydrological monitoring, mobile picking and broadcasting, medical and other fields, provide stable, reliable, timely and efficient high-definition video, multi-channel data, clear voice and visual command scheduling.

  • Each node radio station is not only an access terminal server but also a wireless routing relay and Internet gateway.
  • Centerless, distributed self-organizing, self-adapting, self-recovering dynamic routing, multi-hop relay star, linear, mesh and hybrid networks
  • Support reliable transmission of point-to-point, point-to-multi point and multipoint-to-multipoint IP network
  • streams, asynchronous data streams, high-definition video, and fidelity voice
  • Provides long-distance, high-bandwidth and low-latency transmission in harsh terrain working environments such as non-line-of-sight, fast-moving, and complex interference

MimoMesh Series of Wireless Broadband MESH

Beamforming/Space Diversity/Spatial Multiplexing,Reach More Than Twice Distance IP67 Rugged Handheld Design For MESH Networking In Harsh Environments

Handheld/Backpack Radio 2Watts×2/10Watts×2 RF Out , 10/12 Hours Or More Battery Life, Cool Design Airborne Radio 2Watts×2 RF Out ,

Environment And Electromagnetic Environment Push To Talk With Built-in High Fidelity (G.722) Throughput Over 100Mbps

Users-Manual-for-Mimo Mesh-Series-Wireless-Broadband-MESH

The Latest Generation Of Mimo Mesh Wireless Broadband MESH Performance:

  • Mesh network (self-forming, self-adapting ,self-healing), high-speed throughput
  • Non-visual urban construction、jungle multi-path transmission terrain, effective connection
  • High-speed movement of ground, water and air, effective connection
  • Multiple antenna settings, omnidirectional, high gain orientation or mixing
  • GPS/BD and Multicast Support
  • Increased 4.5 times coverage in densely populated areas
  • Increase the range by 2 times in the visible limit environment
  • Increase 2-4 times data transmission rate
  • The same communication range and transmission data rate, reducing transmission power by 2 times

Significant applications in Non-Line of Sight /Multipath Fading environments, video/data/voice

critical communications:

  • Robot / Unmanned Vehicle, Reconnaissance / Surveillance / Anti-Terrorism / Monitoring
  • Air-to-air & air-to-ground & ground-to-ground, public safety / special operations
  • Urban network, emergency support / normal patrol / traffic management
  • Inside and outside the building, fire fighting / rescue and disaster relief / forest / civil air defense / earthquake
  • TV broadcast wireless audio / video / live broadcast
  • Marine communication / high speed transmission on the opposite side of the ship
  • Low deck wireless network / ship landing
  • Mine / tunnel / basement connection


Waveform: Mobile Network MIMO (MN-MIMO)

MIMO Technology: Spatial multiplexing、Space-time coding;Space Diversity、TX /RX beamforming 

Receive Sensitivity: -103dBm@5MHz BW

Channel Bandwidth: 2.5/5/10/20MHz ,40MHz optional

Data Rate: 1-100Mbps(20MHz BW)/180Mbps(40MHz BW) Adaptive,QoS

Modulation Mode: TD-COFDM,BPSK/QPSK/16QAM/64QAM/256QAM adaptive 

RF Output Power: 2Watts×2 (Handheld/Airborne/Module)10Watts×2 (Backpack Radio)

Single Hop Communication Distance: 100-300 KM (visible), 1-30 KM (urban area) 

Mode: Point-to-point/Point-to-multipoint/Multipoint-to-Multipoint,Automatic relay, Star/Line/Network/Hybrid

Single Hop Delay :Average 10mS(20MHz BW)

Encryption: DES, AES128/256,Chip /TF card encryption customized

Anti-interference Mode:

Manual spectrum scanning channel selection, Intelligent frequency channel Selection/Autonomous frequency hopping/Roaming mode optional

Local/Remote Management:

Operating frequency, channel bandwidth, network ID, transmit power and other parameter settings, spectrum scanning, real-time display and statistical records of network topology, link field strength signal-to-noise ratio, upload and

download traffic, GPS/Beidou electronic map, temperature/voltage/interference

Monitoring, software upgrade

Others: The startup time is less than 30 seconds, and the network access/update/ switchover time is less than 1 second.There is no limit on the user capacity of a single system and the number of hops in Mesh networks. The total bandwidth loss of multiple hops is less than 30%.Automatic carrier tracking, support over 800 km/h mobile communication


BAND:Frequency range (MHz)
L Band:1000-1500 336-344/450-550/512-582/
S Band:1800-2500
Lower C Band 4400-5000
Upper C Band 5100-6000

Operation Temperature:-40℃ -+80℃
Protection Level:IP66,IP67 Customized


Size/Weight 19×6.8×3.8cm/0.769kg(with 11.1V/6.8AH battery Handheld Radio) 22×6.8×3.8cm/0.982kg(with 11.1V/10.2AH battery Handheld Radio) 22.9×18.9×6.2cm/3.86kg(with 22.2V/9.6AH battery Backpack Radio) 31.4×18.9×6.2cm/4.95kg (with 14.8/28.8AH battery Backpack Radio) 11.7×6.2×3.2cm/0.279kg (Airborne Radio-Lron Gray )  14×6.8×3.8cm/0.475kg(Airborne Radio-Black)

Installation/Color: 4 Mounting Holes/Black,Lron Gray 、Army Green Optional


Supply Voltage: 9-24VDC (Handheld/Airborne/Module)/14.8-24VDC(Backpack Radio)

Power consumption: Operation 1-2A/Standby 0.4-0.6A@12V(Handheld/Airborne/Module) Operation 3-6A/Standby [email protected](Backpack Radio)

Power Selection: Power Supply by Twist-Lock Battery or Main Cable Batteries 10/8 hours for 10.2/6.8AH (Handheld Radio)12/8 hours for 28.8/9.6AH (Backpack Radio) polymer lithium battery


Basic interface RF 2xTNC,1-2xRJ45 Ethernet 10/100BaseT,WiFi AP, 1xRS232-485-422-USB-Bluetooth/1.2-230.4Kbps,DC Input

Push to talk/Auxiliary interface:MIC, SP, PTT, GND/1xRS485,1xUSB2.0 OTG

Network Extension  4G-5G Public Network Routing/WB-NB integration /LTE, Satellite, Fiber

Video Extension Low Delay HDMI/SDI/CVBS, 4K/2K/1080P/720P/D1 

Status Indicator: Steady red – The network is not connected,Blinking red – Starting/not connected to the network Steady green – The network is connected,Blinking green – Voice PTT is down

RSSI Link Indicator: Steady green – The link quality is excellent,Blue Steady – The link quality is good Steady yellow – The link quality is medium,Steady purple – The link quality is slightly worse Steady red – The link quality is poor or link is down

Management Interface/Control Interface
Web-based network management/GUI, API secondary development interface/SNMP


Size/Weight: 10.1×5.4×1.9cm/123.5g

Product Model Approval Certificate of Radio Administration of The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

of China: 2018FP52382018FP60812021FP01142021DP100602022FP15779


Significant Advantages Of The Latest Generation Of MimoMesh Wireless Broadband MESH

  • Long range、high rate: whether it is the ideal communication environment between air and ground, or buildings, bushes, hills, valleys, beamforming/transceiver diversity/space division multiplexing with 5G technology can achieve

more than twice the transmission distance.The maximum operation bandwidth of the radio is 20MHz,adaptively adopts TD-COFDM, BPSK/QPSK/16QAM/64QAM/256QAM modulation, multi-beam space division multiplexing, achieve nearly 100Mbps data throughput, greatly better than peers.

  • Large-scale/high-capacity networking, multiple hops、does not decrease data rate after three hops: MimoMesh Wireless broadband MESH, which is unique in optimizing CSMA/DTMA network protocols, there are no restrictions

on the number of nodes (up to 181 nodes in use) and the number of hops (up to 15 hops in use) in the network. Compared with the Token-Ring protocol with fixed frame structure and low efficiency, which limits the number of nodes TDMA protocal, it has the greatest flexibility in Mesh radio.Using the “frequency reuse-space time division multiplexing” technology can ensure that the actual data rate will not decrease after the third hop.

  • Intelligent frequency channel selection, wide band frequency hopping, strong anti-interference of intelligent

antenna, secure and confidential communication with software encryption and hardware encryption.

Small size, light weight and low power consumption: Using the most advanced silicon-based GaN power amplifier. Similarly, the 4/20watt MimoMesh broadband Mesh radio is smaller and lighter than similar products. Hand-held radio equipped with 10.2AH and 6.8AH polymer lithium batteries, continuous working time is more than 10 hours and 8 hours.


The Core Technology Of The Latest Generation Of MimoMesh Wireless Broadband MESH

The core technology of the latest generation of MimoMesh Wireless broadband MESH is MN-MIMO, that is,Ad-Hoc mobile network with MIMO smart antenna radio. Mobile network MIMO (MN-MIMO) is a state-of-the-art waveform that solves many of the problems that face today’s wireless systems. It performs unprecedentedly well under critical and harsh conditions. And provides long-range, high-rate, networked video and data communication for the most challenging environment in the world.

This breakthrough waveform is a powerful combination of encoded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (COFDM), multiple input multiple output (MIMO) smart antenna and mobile Ad Hoc network (MANET) technologies, enabling reliable transmission with unmatched performance and flexibility.

  1. COFDM decomposes broadband channels into many discrete, narrow subchannels or subcarriers to achieve reliable long-distance transmission:
    1. In dynamic environments, automatic link adaptation achieves optimal throughput
    1. Excellent performance in multipath and non-visual environments
    1. Increase mobility for high-speed platforms
  • MIMO intelligent antenna input and output, combined with digital signal processing, further improve the performance of wireless links:
    • Receiving Beamforming (Enhanced Receiving Quantity)
    • Beamforming (increasing transmission range by 40%-100% and throughput by 50%-150%)
    • Spatial multiplexing (enhanced throughput )
    • Space-time Coding 、Space Diversity(Enhanced Reliability)
Users Manual for Mimo Mesh Series Wireless Broadband MESH 3
  • MANET(Mobile Ad Hoc Networking)each radio station will play the role of terminal access server, wireless router and interconnection gateway enables dynamic multi-hop point-to-point communication among many user
    • Self-healing/self-forming reticular meshSingle frequency time division duplexSingle network has more than 380 nodes
    • Supports star, chain, mesh, and hybrid topologies
Users Manual for Mimo Mesh Series Wireless Broadband MESH 4

Multi-node Networking And Powerful Throughput Of MimoMesh Wireless Broadband MESH

Exclusive MimoMesh wireless broadband MESH that optimizes the CSMA network protocol, there are no restrictions on the number of nodes (up to 181 nodes used) and the number of hops (up to 15 hops used) in the network. Compared with the Token-Ring protocol with fixed frame structure and low efficiency, which limits the number of nodes, it has the greatest flexibility in mesh network.

A.33-node network with 50+Mbps traffic:

Broadband mesh network with 33 nodes are deployed in a 2 km square area. Second-level real-time topology information updates. A node opens 6 HD dynamic videos at the same time. Some of them include omnidirectional PTZ control. At any time, a total of 50 + Mbps of fully dynamic video data flows through the network without any stutter or interruption.


33-node network topology


B.19-node network with 40+Mbps traffic:

Broadband mesh network with 19 nodes are deployed in a 3 km square area. Second-level real-time topology information updates. A node opens 4 HD dynamic videos at the same time. Other nodes also have a single real-time HD video. At any time, a total of 40 + Mbps of fully dynamic video data flows through the network without any stutter or interruption.


MimoMesh Wireless Broadband MESH Has Unprecedented Bandwidth Guarantees Under Multi-hop Transmission-The Actual Data Rate Will Not Decrease After Three Hops

TDD time division duplex radio, in the mesh network communication, implements Store Forward Repeater. In this way, every time a packet passes through a relay, it needs to increase the transmission time T of a link. That is to say, the same data packet is transferred once and the total transmission time is increased by one T. So, multiple transits are the actual broadband after multiple hops, from 1 hop, 2 hops, 3 hops, 4 hops… N jumps, D/T, D/(T+T), D/(T+T+T), D/(T+T+T), D/(T+T+T+T)… D/nT equals 1,1/2,1/3,1/4 of the original link bandwidth… 1/n. Figure 1

A MimoMesh wireless broadband MESH using frequency reuse-wavelength division multiplexing technology, it can ensure that after the third hop, the actual data rate will not decrease. That is, 2 jumps fall to 1/2, 3 jumps fall to 1/3, 4 jumps, 5 jumps… N jump still is 1/3, no longer falling.

Figure 1



Figure 2 Node Geographic Location Map

An independent third-party evaluator conducted a test activity. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the mobile Mesh Netwroking (MANET) radio station in this industry and its ability to provide continuous network communication in the underground non-line-of-sight environment. The test was carried out in a large limestone mine consisting of 12 m x 12 m solid limestone columns, each spaced 12 m apart. Figure 2 is a map of the mine test area.

Test Scenario

The trials consisted of two scenarios in which the nodes are placed in a predetermined position, as shown in Figure 2. The self-organizing radio arranged a driving path that included several turns with a total distance of approximately 1524 meters. In the first test, the video stream from the vehicle was viewed on the TOC (201), demonstrating video resiliency at the time of handoff. The second test uses iPerf to generate and measure how the throughput of the network stream drops. To this end, we added a seventh station to measure the throughput of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 hops.


Figure 3 Network topology


MimoMesh Broadband Mesh Radio is the only radio provider that can demonstrate “Frequency Reuse-Wavelength Division Multiplexing” by displaying 26Mbps end-to-end throughput at 6 hops – an effective’spectrum utilization’of 140%. To quote a third-party evaluator, MimoMesh broadband Mesh radio is significantly better at video quality than other radio stations, with no stuck or lost.

MimoMesh Wireless Broadband MESH Powerful Anti-interference And Multi-means Secure And Confidential Communication

Radio communication through electromagnetic wave transmission of information, is the foundation of the information society. With the widespread application of wireless communication devices, interference is everywhere. interference and anti-interference, is a pair of spears and shields. Bandpass filter is a common anti-interference measure in broadband communication to suppress out-of-band clutter and harmonics. MimoMesh wireless broadband MESH using time domain digital filtering and MIMO smart antenna, effectively suppress out of band interference. At the same time, it supports the intelligent frequency channel selection mode. When the working frequency channel is disturbed in the equipment networking state, the optimal frequency channel without interference can be autonomous dymamic selected by each nodes for different channels networking transmission to effectively avoid random interference. And support wide band channel frequency hopping working mode, providing any group of working channels within the working band range, high-speed synchronous hopping of the whole network, effectively avoiding malicious interference and implemeting secure communication. In addition, the radio adopts transmission mechanisms such as FEC forward error correction and ARQ error control to reduce the packet loss rate and improve the effectiveness of data transmission.


Through working frequency, channel bandwidth, system code, communication distance, working mode and other parameter settings, illegal joining is excluded. MimoMesh broadband self-organizing network radio station, fully independent research and development, self-defining waveform, algorithm and transmission protocol, air interface transmission using 64bits key, can dynamically generate scrambling sequence to achieve channel encryption. Support DES56/AES128/AES256 source encryption to enhance security. In addition, the radio provides hardware encryption such as chips, TF cards and confidential machines.

Multi-frequency Roaming and Layered Networking For MimoMesh Wireless Broadband MESH

MimoMesh wireless broadband MESH provides multi-channel roaming mode. The radio can work in multiple channels of single or dual frequency bands. Through roaming switching, the parallel communication of multiple networks is achieved and hierarchical networking is realized.

As shown in the figure below, in the subway network, a track is divided into several regions, and the adjacent regions are separated by

two frequency channels. At the intersection of multiple subway lines, multiple frequency channels are used to distinguish them.

Take train 1 running on the track as an example, set 1360MHz for zone 1 and 1440MHz for zone 2 respectively. In area 1, 2 and 3, the working mode of the fixed platform fixed on the track is set as single frequency point mode, and the mode parameters are set as fixed station mode. The working mode of all equipment on the train is set to roaming mode, and the mode parameters are set to mobile station mode.

In this way, when the train is running at high speed, it can realize roaming switch through different regions, so as to realize trans-regional, large-scale and large-capacity networking.


Mesh Portable Command Box/Command Dispatch Desk

Mesh portable command box/dispatching podium, integrating single-screen/three-screen computer, MESH ad hoc network radio, audio and video management and dispatching, battery, and emergency portable box. It is used for on-site command and dispatch of various services such as voice dispatch, video dispatch, and data information. It has unified presentation, unified management, and provides high- definition display functions. The screen can be projected to the rear headquarters large screen system.



  • Portable design, lightweight and portable, ready to use
    • High-strength machining design, all-aluminum-magnesium alloy/carbon fiber body, CNC one-piece forming. The

surface is treated with anti-scratch coating, EMI/RF protection layer, and the C surface is water-resistant

  • Ultra-thin three-screen design, foldable, according to the software function to display the map, scheduling, video three-screen images at the same time, so that the field commander can grasp the overall situation from multiple angles
    • Support independent power supply, equipped with detachable large-capacity lithium battery, fast charging, and support mains, generator and vehicle power supply at the same time
    • Support external MIC, earphone, multiple voice input and output; support network port, WiFi, HDMI, multiple

high-definition video input and output

  • Support broadband ad hoc network, public network 4G/5G, LTE private network, Wi-Fi, wired network, satellite network and other link access, and transmit on-site information to the rear command center
    • Windows10 64-bit operating system, 15.6-inch*3 display screen, Intel 8-core high-performance host, 32G memory, 1TB solid state drive, Leadtek P620-2G discrete graphics card, built-in speakers, built-in WiFi, support 802.11 b/g/n, 2 Gigabit Ethernet port, 1 HDMI output interface, 4 USB ports, 1 audio interface, 1 power interface
    • Professional-quality user graphical interface; advanced audio and video processing technology to ensure high-quality voice and video quality; user information collection and display through accurate GIS positioning; support for simultaneous multi-channel video preview and distribution; road calls; voice scheduling, video scheduling and GIS scheduling use an integrated interface, which is convenient to operate; supports video browsing, picture capture, video playback, voice intercom, alarm linkage, electronic maps, etc.
    • 392*290*84/440*321*152mm, 9/12kg (including 14.8V/16AH battery with 3 hours of battery life, 19V power adapter)
    • Working temperature: 0 ~ 45℃ , storage temperature: -20 ~ 65℃ (no condensation), working humidity: 10% ~ 90% relative humidity, no condensation
    • Vibration: 5-17Hz, 0.1 inch double peak displacement, 17-640Hz, 1.56 peak per peak; Shock: 10G peak per peak acceleration, sustainable 15MS in X, Y, Z axis directions; EMC: 3C/CE/FCC Class A
    • The whole machine adopts a shock-absorbing and anti-vibration design all around, and adopts the original hard disk shock-absorbing technology, which makes the data operation more secure.

Mesh Deployment Camera

Mesh mobile deployment camera integrates high-definition camera and broadband mesh network module to realize video surveillance, mobile deployment and control, and long-distancewireless transmission of mesh network.



  • Built-in high-performance wireless broadband mesh network module, 4G public network/WiFi AP/RJ45 optional
    • HD waterproof camera, with high-performance progressive scan CMOS sensor and high-performance multimedia processor, embedded Linux system
    • H.265 video encoding, support dual stream, resolution 1920×1080/1280*720 25fps/30fps
    • 360° rotation in the horizontal direction and -15°~90° in the vertical direction. Optical zoom 30X, 20X optional, digital zoom 20 times. 256 preset points, 3D noise reduction, anti-shake, auto focus, auto white balance, backlight compensation
    • Laser ranging, 1km night laser fill light, dazzling bird repelling function/navigation pointing function optional
    • You can watch 2~10 kilometers, and you can combine optical fog and electronic fog during the day
    • Day and night conversion mode ICR infrared filter type, infrared distance 60-80m
    • Support fog penetration, backlight compensation, minimum illumination color: 0.05Lux@(F1.6,AGCON), black and white: 0.01Lux@(F1.6,AGCON)
    • 128G SD card
    • Beidou/GPS positioning system, support 802.1b/g/n
    • Frequency range 500-700/1300-1500MHz, wideband 5/10/20MHz adjustable
    • Transmission rate peak 100Mbps@20MHz
    • Receive sensitivity -103dBm@5MHz, transmit power 4 watts (adjustable), transmission distance > 30 kilometers (line-of-sight)
    • It supports up to 15 hops, the bandwidth does not decrease after 3 hops, supports 128 node networking, and the networking time is less than 1 second
    • Intelligent frequency selection / wide and narrow frequency hopping anti-jamming
    • One-click boot, no need to configure and change parameters, convenient operation and maintenance
    • Battery 10.4Ah/12V, 8 hours of battery life, average power consumption is less than 30 watts; external mains power is available
    • Operating temperature -40~+80°, three protection grade IP66, size 260x167mm, weight 4.5kg
    • Spare parts include tripod, charger, composite aviation cable, main antenna, WiFi antenna, packing box

Mesh Wide-band And Narrow-band Intercom Radio

Mesh wide-band and narrow-band intercom radio integrated radio, through audio conversion, transceiver mutual control, realizes the interconnection between different intercom equipment, such as narrowband intercom system(push to talk over ), and Mesh ad hoc network.



Real Figure Schematic

  • MimoMesh/SmartMesh/NBMesh series mesh adio, built-in conversion module
    • Can interconnect with all different frequency bands (HF/VHF/UHF, etc.), different technologies (analog/digital/ trunking), different standards (DMR/PDT/ public network, etc.), different manufacturers of walkie-talkies(PTT)/ vehicle-based/repeater and other narrowband voice intercom devices
    • One-point interconnection, all mesh radios and corresponding intercom systems, intercom

(push to talk over eachother)

  • Multi-point interconnection, multi-area narrowband intercom system, through Mesh ad hoc network, networking intercom(push to talk over eachother)

Mesh Internet Gateway Radio

Mesh internet gateway radio integrates broadband Mesh AD hoc network, 3G/4G/5G router, 4G LTE and WiFi AP to realize interconnection between broadband AD hoc network, 4G public network and LTE private network.



  • MimoMesh/SmartMesh 10W×2 vehicle radio, 3G/4G/5G, 4G LTE, 2.4G/5.8G WiFi AP, Optical port ×2
    • Flexible networking, rapid deployment. Built-in lithium battery, the use time is more than 6 hours
    • One-button boot, no need to configure and change parameters, convenient operation and maintenance,

waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, IP66

  • With a display screen, you can view the device status, link status, and straight-line distance with the adjacent

base station or terminal. Quick configuration is supported by buttons on the screen

Mesh Multimode Smartphone

To Mesh the ad-hoc network as the main carrying channel, 3/4 g public support, wi-fi, bluetooth and other networks, and support professional ad-hoc network of DMR talkback intelligent terminals, such as hd video transmission, packet voice communication as the main application mode, and both remote monitoring (satellite positioning, audio and video acquisition upload) and instruction information interaction, and other functions, in addition, The terminal provides daily essential functions such as making calls and sending short messages, and supports the installation of third-party applications.


The main features:

  • Easy to operate and functional. The terminal is powerful, simple and practical. It can realize one-key call through the PTT button, and the front display can display the current network status
    • Long transmission distance and strong anti-interference ability. The terminal adopts adaptive modulation mode, intelligent screen selection algorithm and flexible and efficient networking strategy, and has voice multi-hop relay, long-distance, stable and reliable communication capabilities
    • Self-designed and easy to expand. The terminal adopts adaptive physical layer algorithm and application layer design, and can perform function control according to requirements
    • Support MESH ad hoc network, support DMR, support 4G public network, support WI-FI, support GPS/BD positioning, support Bluetooth, support video and audio transmission, support voice intercom


     GeneralSpecification Size(HxWxD,mm) 235x68x40
  Weight ≤1000g(With battery, without antenna)
  Battery 12V、Detachable
  Screen LCD2.4、240×320
  Voice Business PTT
  Data Business Realize by connecting external devices through data interface
  Interface Headset interface, RS232/Ethernet interface
  Working Time ≥4h
      Wireless Communication Specifications Channel Capacity25Mbps@10MHz
 Single-hop Communication Distance ≥15km(Visible environment)
  Ability to relay 15hops
  Working Frequency 500~700MHz 1350~1450MHz
  Channel Bandwidth2.5/5/10MHz
  Transmission Power0.5Wx2
  Modulation MethodQPSK/16QAM/64QAM(Adaptive)
  Receive Sensitivity -99dBm @400kHz
 Environmental Performance Operating Temperature -40~+55℃
 Dustproof and Waterproof Rating IP66

Unmanned Vehicle Unmanned Driving System

Expand Your Network

Easily integrate mesh radio into unmanned systems. Mesh Radio’s full-featured intelligent radio platform provides HD video encoding, Ethernet, IP-based RS-232, extended range and extremely high throughput.

Replacing many systems on unmanned platforms with a Mesh radio can save size, weight, power and cost. Your Android control application is installed directly on Mesh radio,to enable a single smart radio to fly or drive all unmanned systems. Your entire unmanned system can now run and communicate on a common network.


Event Eecurity

Surveillance Coordination Prevention Response

Unified Control Platform

The integrated IP network-based Mesh radio allows teams from multiple organizations to coordinate and collaborate seamlessly. Real-time GPS-based location reporting and integrated HD video encoding and distribution provide a common operating picture. Plug-and-play integration of third-party sensors and systems enables real- time threat detection.



Encoding Video stream Distribution Dynamic Streaming Video From Anywhere

Use the Mesh network of Mesh Radio to broadcast the actions of the most challenging locations. The long-

range, high-throughput MIMO radio system, combined with industry-leading multi-hop routing capabilities, lets you capture motion from anywhere. By integrating HD encoding and networking into a small wearable smart Mesh radio, you can achieve top-level viewing without interruption.


Special operations

Find Fixes Complete Development Analyze Propagation

Modern Warfighter Empowerment

Mesh Radio for wearable applications is an intelligent product that brings voice, video, situational awareness and powerful computing power to users at optimized size, weight and power (SWaP). Maximize soldier safety by connecting your subordinate users through land, air and sea resources to provide a unified battle picture. Use information superiority to control areas of operation and gain tactical advantage.


Emergency management

Deployment Interoperability Location Protection Fast network deployment

In any emergency, the first systems to fail are towers and fixed infrastructure. Simply turn on the Mesh radio

and you’re ready to set up a mobile high-speed network in real time.

Know where your teammates are and seamlessly coordinate agencies by leveraging integrated radio over IP. Your communication won’t be a second disaster.


MESH solutions for public eventsWireless Monitoring Guarantee In Forest Areas

Aiming at the application scenarios of mountain terrain and vegetation coverage in forest areas, fixed nodes are deployed at mountain heights or relative heights in forest areas. They can also be deployed at the same address with public network base stations, which is convenient for installation and power supply. It can also be interconnected with the public network. The equipment does not need to be on duty. By means of self-interconnection and multi-hop relay, the disadvantageous factors of mountain area for wireless signal occlusion are transformed into the relay forwarding of commanding heights. So as to extend the communication distance, expand the coverage, reduce the monitoring dead angle and reduce the construction investment. Then the fire danger data and image information collected by each node equipment can be obtained. Real-time all-day return to forest management command center or satellite communication command vehicle. The remote command center can be transmitted back through the 3G/4G public network, which is convenient for the commander to view in time, scientific analysis.
  The vehicle-mounted radio is installed on the satellite communication command vehicle and patrol vehicle, which is convenient for flexible networking with the commanding height fixed radio and patrol personnel. As a first-line command center, it can quickly enter the forest area, facilitate information collection, patrol monitoring and command dispatch, and provide wireless network support for the surrounding patrolmen. It can also interconnect with the satellite communication system and transmit the front-end field information back to the back-end monitoring command center for timely prediction, response and control of the fire situation on the spot.
 Small and portable, with long battery life, it is easy for patrollers to carry. Especially when the fixed radio at the commanding height can not cover the area effectively or the vehicle radio can not reach the area, it can go deep into the forest area to carry out a sudden task. It is not only convenient for real-time voice communication with the commanders and other patrolmen on the surrounding vehicles, but also can transmit fire video images collected in the forest area as timely as possible. Provide comprehensive and clear on-site images to commanders at all levels
  Through the UAV-mounted image acquisition and the airborne self-organizing network node equipment lifting off, the mobile, efficient and fast accessibility can further expand the wireless coverage, reduce the coverage of blind areas, and improve the quality of video return; at the same time, air mobile monitoring and ground fixed monitoring can be organically combined, complementary advantages, forming a ground-to-air “three-dimensional” monitoring network. Better effective detection of fire detection and real-time monitoring while effectively increasing the visual range of the monitoring area and reducing the dead angle of monitoring



After the rescue troops arrived at the rescue scene, in view of the complex and harsh environment in the disaster area, the portable single soldier node with lithium battery and emergency control node can be quickly carried into the disaster area. In the absence of power supply constraints, flexible deployment is required according to the site environment and networking requirements to ensure the completion of emergency wireless broadband private network as soon as possible. Effectively solve the communication problems caused by the damage of power and base station facilities and the inconvenience of other communication systems, and help to open the “last kilometer” of wireless broadband access.

  The first-line rescue team members in the disaster area will collect HD video information from the scene and send it back to the rescue command vehicle as far as possible in the golden rescue time through multi-hop relay on the ground or on-board node of UAV. It is convenient for the off-site commander to intuitively control the actual situation of the disaster area, formulate a reasonable plan, and scientifically analyze the rescue. At the same time, taking advantage of UAV’s air superiority in carrying mobile nodes, it can also realize large-scale real-time monitoring, disaster data transmission and harmful gas detection in disaster scene.

  Making use of the MESH wireless multi-hop broadband network built on the spot, it integrates and interacts with various heterogeneous cluster private networks. Further broaden the network coverage to meet the voice communication between the underground and the ground of the disaster scene, the depth of the building and the external scene, and the obstruction and blocking. It is convenient for the on-site commander to issue rescue orders in time, and the rescue team can cooperate effectively. At the same time, the system can be interconnected with the rescue vehicle satellite equipment to realize real-time interaction between the front and rear information and unified command and dispatch. In addition, the real-time combat position of all rescue vehicles and external rescuers can be located by GPS and presented in real time on the MESH wireless Mesh radio terminal software.



Fire and rescue sites can quickly deploy different forms of MESH nodes inside and outside the site, and efficiently build up the network. Especially for the complex interior and underground structures of fire buildings, by constructing a wireless multi-hop network, it is possible to effectively solve the problem of poor communication or blind spots due to occlusion. Make sure that “everyone has a net”. Guarantee reliable and timely wireless communication between fire officers and soldiers inside and outside the fire site. At the same time, fire detection and forecasting and real-time fire monitoring can be realized through the mobile nodes carried by fire trucks and UAVs.

  The first-line firefighters in the fire field used the “deployment while deploying” approach to the MESH equipment. The collected HD video information in the fire field is transmitted back to the fire engine command center through multi-hop relay. Video storage is also available so that commanders outside the field can control the fire situation intuitively without dead angle in an all-round way, make scientific analysis in time, and quickly issue operational instructions.

 MESH system can be connected with 350M narrowband digital trunking system. Effectively solve the voice communication between the underground and the ground of the fire site and between the interior and exterior of the building. Facilitate on-site command of firefighters on-site collaboration, teammates search and rescue and safe evacuation. At the same time, the system can also be interconnected with fire vehicle satellite settings. To realize the remote information exchange between the front fire extinguishing site and the rear command center. Provide strong support for commanders at all levels in scientific decision-making and command.




Maritime Communication Of Ship Formation

In view of the marine wireless communication environment, wireless MESH nodes are deployed on board ships. It can quickly build a broadband wireless network with high reliability, high maneuverability, strong anti-destruction and anti-interference, and over-the-horizon transmission. Ensure the flexible networking and multi-hop transmission between ship and ship cabins in the ship formation, and provide users with safe, reliable, stable and timely multimedia integrated transmission services such as voice, data and video.

  Support the dynamic networking of ship formations during maritime navigation. The network topology can be quickly reconfigured when the formation changes, and does not affect the wireless communication of the entire formation. Through the wireless multi-hop Mesh radio, the flagship node directs and coordinates the operation and work of the entire fleet. The stern node transmits all kinds of information to the flagship node in time, and can also exchange information with each other. At the same time, the airborne node acts as a motorized high-enhancement coverage node for the entire network, which can further expand the coverage of the network radius while effectively expanding the field of view of the operational radius and provide more comprehensive information for the flagship node. In addition, the flagship node communicates with the remote command center through the mobile satellite system.

  Link transmission self-awareness fully guarantees the continuity and fluency of the transmission service. Load balancing effectively improves the efficiency of ship network formation wireless network communication, Anti-jamming capability greatly enhances the electromagnetic confrontation capability of formation maritime operations, invulnerability ensures that wireless networks have a strong vitality. Any single node failure in the network will not affect the operation of the entire formation network, which can be called “unbreakable maritime mobile network”



 Deploying wireless MESH radio station on the vehicle. After power-on, a multi-hop relay, multi-service, high-reliability, high-mobility broadband wireless transmission network can be established in a very short time. Guarantee multi-vehicle simultaneous communication, providing users with independent, safe, efficient and timely voice communication, data transmission and video surveillance services.

  Support fleet dynamic networking. When the vehicle randomly enters/exits and the formation changes continuously, the network topology changes rapidly, and is not affected by the formation change of the vehicle formation. The workshops can still maintain normal communication. At the same time, the command car node can perform video surveillance on the interior, front and road conditions of other vehicles. Any video of the captured team can be transmitted back to the remote command center via the mobile satellite system.

  The anti-Multipath interference capability greatly adapts to the complex and variable wireless transmission environment of the fleet, and ensures reliable

communication in the shadowless non-viewing scene through diffraction multipath transmission.



For the underground special environment, in the subway station, through the network topology of chain relay and network, the wireless multi-hop network is rapidly deployed and constructed, relay transmission is relayed, which effectively solves the problem of wireless signal occlusion and realizes the wireless communication between ground and underground.

  In the subway application scenario, the traditional network laying maintenance cost is high, and the mobile scalability is poor. The wireless MESH network is easy to deploy, flexible to use, and simple to operate. It can effectively reduce network construction and operation and maintenance costs, and can meet the needs of staff to move freely with tasks. It can also flexibly adjust the deployment of video surveillance nodes to avoid monitoring blind spots.

  Centerless, all-IP MESH broadband system self-healing self-connection, network robustness and resistance to destruction, lack of any node, still work properly, It can be used as a coverage extension of the existing wireless communication private network in the subway to realize converged communication, and can also be used as an emergency backup transmission guarantee for the local failure of the operator’s public network in the subway.



Different types of AD hoc network nodes belong to each combat unit and can quickly build wireless broadband networks with high reliability, high mobility, strong damage resistance and anti-jamming, and beyond-line-of-sight transmission without relying on any fixed facilities. After the distributed network is powered on, it can quickly and dynamically form a multi-hop self-group network according to the actual battlefield electromagnetic environment. Without the center feature, the whole network can still heal and work normally after a single node device is destroyed.

 Through the broadband wireless self-organizing network, the information nodes of each combat unit can realize the information sharing of enemy situation, battlefield situation awareness, real-time military situation consultation, immediate assignment of tasks, and issuing of operational instructions, thus realizing the integration of all combat units and real-time and efficient command.

  The all-IP AD hoc network node equipment is interconnected with other heterogeneous communication networks to create an “air heaven and earth” grid military communication network. The command information node comprehensively commands and coordinates the operational tasks of each combat unit, and each participating information node timely uploads and reports the battlefield situation and battle situation. At the same time, the airborne node can be used as the high enhancement coverage node of the wireless AD hoc network system to further expand the battle radius and provide the latest battle situation and situation forecast for each combat unit. In addition, the command information node realizes the front and rear information exchange and sharing through interconnection with the satellite system, and the remote command and control.



The fixed station node is deployed at the commanding or relative high point of urban buildings. In the case of building occlusion, it can effectively form a self- forming network with the vehicle station and the disposal individual soldier node and communicate with each other. At the same time, as a relay node to enhance or expand the wireless communication distance, the police can collect images at the scene of emergencies and send them back to the rear command center in the first time through multi-hop relay, providing the leaders at all levels with the scene situation and decision-making basis for timely scientific analysis and quick instruction.

  The vehicle-mounted node can be deployed on mobile vehicles and is fast and accessible. It can not only be connected with vehicle-mounted wireless network, but also can be connected with the fixed station at the high point and the flexible area for disposal of individual soldiers, so as to build a “three-dimensional” wireless broadband network, which can meet the needs of “static medium communication” and “mobile medium communication” on-site emergency communication. At the scene of an emergency, it can not only serve as a front-line emergency police support center to provide information network and communication support for surrounding individual soldiers, but also serve as a small front-end command center to conduct unified command and scheduling for on-site police disposal.

  Emergencies were collected at the same time, also can be the multiplex real-time video back, so that the front-line commander can omni-directional real-time visual control of the scene, but also on the GIS map real-time corresponding disposal of police cars, and disposal of individual movement and position, most likely on top of things, improve the disposal of police collaborative capabilities and operational efficiency. The individual soldier platform is distributed to the law enforcement police on the scene, which is convenient to go into the scene of an emergency or a dense crowd. The high-definition video can be sent back to the command center in time, so that the field commander can intuitively grasp the situation of the scene in real time, and can carry out two-way voice communication with other individual soldiers to achieve efficient local cooperation.


Area coverage key deployment and control

Individual soldiers are equipped with portable nodes, motor vehicles are equipped with vehicle-mounted nodes, and emergency control nodes are quickly deployed in temporary places or street light poles. Wireless self-organizing network is constructed on site in the first time, key control and local coordination of target areas are quickly completed, and command center advance and on-site command and scheduling are effectively realized.

 Fixed nodes are set up and deployed on urban high-rise buildings and commanding heights as relay transmission nodes and centralized return points to effectively enhance the regional coverage capacity of the system and form a “mechano-solid hybrid” multi-hop relay with mobile nodes in the front-end target area to ensure the wireless interconnection and information sharing under non-visible and multi-path scenarios.

  The centralized return node of the commanding height can finally send the field information of the target area back to the rear command center in time, which is convenient for analysis, judgment and command decision,  realizing the real time interaction of front and rear information and group command linkage.


Security patrols for large events

Fixed station nodes can be pre-deployed at fixed monitoring points on the activity site to build wireless self-organizing private networks with on-site security patrol command vehicles and security patrol personnel for efficient interconnection. In each key fixed monitoring position, the collected field image information can be sent back to the field command center and the field security patrol command vehicle in real time through single-hop direct or multi-hop relay mode, so that the commander can perceive the scene dynamic at any time, timely disposal and effective prevention; It can also be used for security patrol personnel to review the video of each monitoring area at any time, so as to grasp the scene situation in time and deal with emergencies at any time.

  The vehicle platform is deployed in the on-site security patrol command vehicle, which can be connected with fixed monitoring points and security patrol personnel anytime and anywhere to achieve flexible networking of “static communication” and “mobile communication”. In the event security scene, it can not only maneuver forward as the front command center, which is convenient for the scene command center to effectively expand the coverage of security, avoid covering blind areas, so as to manage the surrounding security patrol personnel in real time. It can also be used as a mobile monitoring patrol node to collect return messages anytime and anywhere, and provide wireless broadband network support for security patrol personnel.

 The individual soldier platform is easy for security patrol personnel to carry. In the implementation of patrol tasks, it is convenient for real-time voice communication between commander and security patrol personnel, and efficient local coordination; In addition, the hd video collected on the spot can be sent back to the command center in time to reduce the dead Angle of monitoring.


Long-range/Low-latency/Bidirectional Multi-channel HD Video Radios

Miniature/Low Cost/Multi-band High Speed FHSS Digital Radios

Users Manual for Mimo Mesh Series Wireless Broadband MESH 5

Technology Reliable Networking


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