RTSP player for low latency wireless video transmitter and receiver

RTSP player for low latency wireless video transmitter and receiver

1. VLC player

1.1 Open the VLC player and choose Tools->Preferences

RTSP player for low latency wireless video transmitter and receiver 1

1.2 Click “Input/Codecs”, choose “Disable” on “Hardware-accelerated decoding”, and save.

vlc media player configure simple preferences
VLC media player configures simple preferences

2. EasyPlayer RTSP


Our engineers and QC workmates are using this version, EasyPlayer-RTSP-Win-v2.1.18.0129.

Please propose a streaming player that has a stable operation with RTSP stream from a demodulator under 8/10/11 Windows. The player has to restart its playing automatically after interruption of the video stream, reconnecting network connection (reconnection of RJ-45 connector on Demodulator), or RF path interruption.

Answer: We did not develop the Rtsp player, We have been using EasyPlayer, and some domestic customers also use it, and they have not encountered any problems.

In view of the fact that the current Rtsp streaming player, whether it is EasyPlayer or VLC, is not ideal, the only way I can think of is to modify the firmware of the receiving end, use UDP to push the stream to the window pc, and then use our self-developed player to decode (the source code is available for your secondary development), I hope the new player will perform well under your windows pc, you can consult your company’s customer opinions (I am afraid that your company’s customers will resist our independent The developed player feels unsafe or something).

3. Splayer for UDP stream

Please download it at the below link.






Do you have a version of Splayer for Linux?

Sorry, no, now only for Windows OS.

The Splayer player is only for UDP, not RTSP?

Yes, For RTSP, we always use Easyplayer.
COFDM ( cvbs to IP encoder) is one-way, better to use UDP for lower latency.

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