Italy DVB-T2 New Channel List and MPEG-4 Switchover soon from DVB-T

Italy DVB-T2

Italy DVB-T2 Channel List and Frequency

1Rai 1 HDFreq:650,000MHz SID:1101
2Rai 2 HDFreq:650,000MHz SID:1102
3Rai 3 TGR PiemonteFreq:650,000MHz SID:1115
4Rete4 HDFreq:610,000MHz SID:3004
5Canale 5 HDFreq:610,000MHz SI3005
6Italia1 HDFreq:610,000MHz SID:3006
7LA7 HDFreq:570,000MHz SID:751
8TV8 HDFreq:642,000MHz SID:70
9NOVEFreq:562,000MHz SID:1
10TelecityFreq:634,000MHz SID:1008
11TELECUPOLEFreq:634,000MHz SID:1004
12VIDEOGRUPPOFreq:634,000MHz SID:1002
13RETE 7 HDFreq:634,000MHz SID:1010
14PrimantennaFreq:634,000MHz SID:1005
15GRP TVFreq:634,000MHz SID:1011
16Sesta ReteFreq:634,000MHz SID:1003
17VCO AZZURRA TVFreq:634,000MHz SID:1012
18CANALE ITALIAFreq:634,000MHz SID:1006
Italy DVB-T2 Channel List

Italy DVB-T2 Switch News

Italy DVB-T2 MPEG-4 switchover soon from DVB-T. Italy’s Ministry of Economic Development has published a new road map and timetable for the transition to the new DVB-T2 technology for TV broadcasting, following public consultations with stakeholders.

The new road map, which divides Italy into four geographical areas, provides for the activation of DVB-T/MPEG-4 encoding in the last four months of 2021 and of the DVBT-2 HEVC standard at the national level in the period between 21 June 2022 and 30 June 2022, without prejudice to the right for operators to activate DVBT/MPEG-4 encoding or the DVBT-2 standard before the scheduled deadlines.

The process will kick off in so-called areas 2 and 3 (almost all of northern Italy), and be implemented from September 1st to December 31st, 2021. The rest of the country will follow by June 20, 2022, when the 700 MHz bands will be made available for 5G.

The guidelines on the procedures for the transition to DVB-T-2 for local broadcasting require successful bidders to guarantee a price proportional to the population of the provinces concerned. In order to protect local pluralism, there are also constraints on the awarding of more than one network in the same territory to the same entity.

Local operators requesting early voluntary scrapping of networks are also entitled to advance payment of statutory compensation.

From Branislav Pekic in Rome (sources from )

Maybe your DVB-T / DVB-T2 tv box has no sound, check

Some buyers from Italy said that their DVB-T can not get good TV reception, maybe some areas in Italy have switched DVB-T to DVB-T2 if you want to buy a new TV box, it is better to choose DVB-T2, DVB-T will be out in the marketing.

What is the difference between DVB-T and DVB-T2?

DVB-T is an abbreviation for Digital Video Broadcasting Terrestrial.

DVB-T2 is an acronym that stands for Digital Video Broadcasting Second Generation Terrestrial.

DVB-T2 is an enhanced version of DVB-T. As a result, DVB-T2 supports additional services and features.

In other words, Italy’s DVB-T2 is a sophisticated DTT system. It outperforms all other DTT systems by 50%.

What is the difference between DVB-T and ISDB-T?

  1. Buonasera,
    ho un decoder AKAI ZAP 26510k-L
    che solo durante il Tg regionale ( TG3 Campania ), viene sovrapposto da immagini in bianco e nero di un altra trasmissione !
    per il resto della giornata, vedo tranquillamente bene tutte le trasmissioni di Rai 3 su quel canale !
    E’ solo un problema di Rai 3 regionale !
    come posso risolvere o aggiornare il decoder ?
    Grazie !

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