The Drone Transmitter and Receiver

What is the drone transmitter and receiver?

The drone transmitter and receiver are a pair of devices.

The transmitter is installed on the drone (also called the air unit), and the receiver is installed on the ground control station and monitor (also called the ground unit).

The drone transmitter can send the drone camera video to the receiver, also including the drone data, like position, height, etc. 

The drone receiver can get the video from the drone camera and all kinds of data. 

Drone Transmitter and Receiver Types

Some two-way bidirectional drone transmitters and receivers also can transfer the data like controlling the drone commend to the air unit from the ground unit, and also support to control of the PTZ command to the drone camera.

If your drone transmitter and receiver are one-way unidirectional, it can download the video and data from the air unit to the ground unit, you need to use the extra data transceiver or radio telemetry to remote control the drone and camera.

How to make a drone transmitter and receiver?

If you want to DIY a set of drone transmitters and receivers, you just need to buy the three parts. 

  1. Core parts, wireless video, and data transceiver module, which support the base of the video and data transfer function.
  2. Power Amplifier, also named PA, supports enlarging the wireless transmission signal strength, to transfer the larger range.
  3. The antenna of the transmitter and receiver. Please choose the longer and higher gain if possible.

How far is the drone transmitter and receiver range?

  • 1-10km: This is a distance that ordinary players’ drones can support.
  • 10-20km:
  • 20-30km:
  • 30-50km:
  • 50-80km:
  • 80-100km:
  • 100-150km:
  • 150-200km:

How to connect the transmitter to the drone?

What is the price of the drone transmitter and receiver?

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