Kenya DVB-T2 will be switch to free to air

Kenya DVB-T2

The three media houses whose TV stations were switched off three weeks ago released statements promising that the TV stations will be back on air as from Thursday 5th, effectively ending the blackout that Kenyans have experienced all this time.

Kenya DVB-T2
Kenya DVB-T2

NTV in particular posted on its Facebook page advising viewers how they can access its content as they go digital. This is what the Nation media group Tv station said:

To watch NTV, QTV starting tomorrow Thursday 5th 2015 at 6:50pm, ensure you have either:

– A free to Air DVB-T2, MPEG 4 compliant set top box
– Or an Integrated digital TVs (idTVs) which are digital TVs with inbuilt DVB-T2 tuner.

– Or DVB-T2 USB dongles which are digital receivers used to receive digital TV signal on computer /laptops.

You do not have to pay monthly to watch free to air TV stations.

However, the Director of Digital Communication in the Office of the President, Dennis Itumbi, has posted a statement which he calls facts, contradicting what NTV and the other TV stations said about going on air as from tomorrow.

Itumbi says that the four TV stations will be airing either through Signet or PANG, unlike what they are saying through the social media.

Itumbi adds that ADN, the company that purports to provide digital services to the three media houses is not a registered company and that the only recognized digital service providers are PANG and Signet.

He said:

FACTS: 1. ADN is not yet a registered broadcast entity and has not submitted documents for purposes of a licence. #‎DigitalMigration‬

2: Analogue is completely switched off in Nairobi. @ntvkenya and other media houses will simply return on the Digital platform

3: @ntvkenya & other media houses will be carried by either Pang or Signet the only registered Broadcast Signal Distributors

Facts are stubborn. Spin does not change them.


Author: Edward Chweya

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