DVB-T24 4 antenna car DVB-T2 software upgrade firmware update

4 tuner 4 antenna car dvb-t2
Firstly, please confirm that your tv box has same with the below picture. OSD menu and PCBA picture.
4 Antenna Car DVB-T2
4 Antenna Car DVB-T2 board and TV module
DVB-T24 4 antenna car DVB-T2 software upgrade firmware update 1
DVB-T24 OSD Menu, the first icon is a TV picture
If your tv box was fronze like th eblow picture, can not enter the TV and OSD menu.
DVB-T24-starting logo HD DVB-T2
DVB-T24-starting logo HD DVB-T2

This software does NOT support another four antenna model whose starting logo is below.

If your tv box starting logo is like this, please Do NOT upgrade this page software.

Automatically Update the firmware from USB disk, no need for remote control operation

vcan firmware upgrade warning
vcan firmware upgrade warning

The below firmware is listed for our existing customer, if you need to upgrade or repair your machine, please confirm the hardware is the same as ours or ask us to check first. No-confirmation upgrade operation may lose the remote controller function or no-startup machine again if hardware (chipset) is different, the last solution is to replace the correct firmware IC from your tv box producing factory.

Because the firmware is different from the normal pc software, the software doesn’t need to consider the hardware most time. The firmware is working only on the right and the same model as the main chipset. It controls the I/O and saved the remote controller code at the firmware. Different factories or suppliers used totally different firmware, even the box looks the same. They may use different chipsets and remote controller codes.

Upgrade Steps

  1. Please download and unzip the file, it should be flash.bin.
  2. Copy it to the USB disk, it is better to keep only flash.bin at the USB root directory.
  3. Plug the USB disck on the TV box
  4. Give the TV box power supply
  5. It will upgrade it automatically (alwasy keep power supply, otherwise it will lost the firmware)
  6. Until the upgrade is successful, it will auto start.
  7. The software version will be the same as the below picture.

After Automatically upgrade, now you can enter the tv box, and remote control has full function. You can upgrade another firmware to get the Mulit-PLP functon

Upgrade Steps

  1. Ensure that the firmware is suitable for your set-top box.
  2. Unzip the upgrade firmware. (*.bin)
  3. Copy it to a USB stick. (it is better that USB has no other file at the root directory)
  4. Operate the remote controller, Choose software upgrade from the OSD menu of your set-top box.
  5. During the upgrading, please keep the power on until the upgrade is 100% finished. Otherwise, the firmware will lose forever from the chipset and the set-top box can be not powered on again.
  6. After upgrade, please auto search the channel and test again.
  7. The software version will be the same as the below picture.
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