Vietnam DVB-T2 complete TV digitalization by 2020

Vietnam DVB-T2
TypeDVB-T / T2 H.265DVB-T / T2 H.264DVB-TISDB-T
4 Tuner 4 AntennaDVB-T26540DVB-T240/ISDB-T7800
2 Tuner 2 AntennaDVB-T265DVB-T221DVB-T7200ISDB-T9820
1 Tuner 1 Antenna/DVB-T2KDVB-T7000ISDB-T63

Vietnam DVB-T2 News: All cities and province across the country are scheduled to fully implement the TV digitalization programme by 2020, according to the Ministry of Information and Communication.

Vietnam DVB-T2
Vietnam DVB-T2

There are now some 22 million households with TVs nationwide, including 5 million using pay-TV services. About 3.5 million households are using set-top boxes based on the older DVB-T standard, while 12.5 million households watch analog TV with antennas. With the implementation of the TV digitalization program, the 3.5 million households using DVB-T set-top boxes will have to shift to higher technology devices to be able to receive TV signals in accordance with the DVB-T2 standard. The program is forecast to be mainly completed by 2018. Vietnam then expects to deploy LTE at low-frequency bands.

Vietnam DVB-T2
Vietnam DVB-T2

LTE, an abbreviation for Long Term Evolution, commonly marketed as 4G LTE, is a standard for wireless communication of high-speed data for mobile phones and data terminals. In 2013, there were about 200 million LTE subscribers over the world. The number was raised to 450 million last year. LTE subscribers are predicted to be up to 830 million by the end of this year. Source from More Vietnam DVB-T2 products, please click below link:

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