How to upgrade wireless video transmitter and receiver firmware

How to upgrade the latest firmware of the wireless video transmitter and receiver

upgrade wireless video transmitter and receiver firmware

Models for which the upgrade program applies

Upgrade Firmware Download

This v1.5.0 version of the firmware adds TCP server support to the D2 and D3 serial ports (configured through the webpage), and the customer can upgrade the webpage according to the prompts in the document.

Note: After the upgrade, the original parameters of the customer (such as IP address) remain unchanged. Download the upgrade wireless video transmitter and receiver firmware.


Upgrade Firmware Steps

  1. Connect the transmitter or receiver to the computer through a network cable, enter in the browser of the computer (if you have not modified the default IP address), enter the Web server, and switch the system page.
  2. choose system page
  3. Click the button next to “Upload file”, and select the upgrade file (be careful not to unzip it).
  4. Choose the upgrade firmware
  5. After selecting the file, click the Upload button to start uploading the upgrade firmware.
  6. click the upload button to start the uploading
  7. A prompt box will pop up if the firmware is uploaded successfully. , and the size of the uploaded file is displayed.
  8. showing the upgrade firmware size
  9. After confirming that the file size is correct, click the Upgrade button to start upgrading the firmware (be careful not to disconnect the power of the device after starting to upgrade the firmware).
  10. click the upgrade button to start the upgrade
  11. After the device is upgraded, there will be a prompt message and it will restart automatically.
  12. after upgrade showing upgrade finish system reboot

What’s new in each version of upgrade wireless video transmitter and receiver firmware?

version 1.1(2021.4.29)

  1. Modify the implementation logic of door-to-door transparent transmission (from the perspective of customers)
  2. Modify the default value of m_packet to 400
  3. Separation of sending/receiving ports for door-to-door transparent transmission

version 1.2(2022.4.2)

  1. Add higher serial port baud rate support
  2. Added reboot support to the System page
  3. 3-color led marquee prompt at startup (convenient for production testing
  4. Make the CFG drop-in use the same as the module’s own drop-in

version 1.3(2022.4.25)

  1. Add mesh support

version 1.4(2022.8.23)

  1. Improve audio processing
  2. 2022.9.30 Disable the D3 serial port mode switching function
  3. 2022.10.20 Improve the mesh configuration
  4. 2022.11.24 Add AT^CONFIG command for internal hidden configuration

version 1.5(2022.12.15)

  1. Added TCP server support for D2 and D3 serial ports

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