long-range VTX video transmitter module

The long-range VTX video transmitter module model is Vcan1681.

What is a long-range VTX video transmitter?

1. What is the working range of your long-range VTX?

Without an extra Power Amplifier, our long-range VTX Vcan1681 has 300mW PA inside, it supports 0~15km.
Plus 2-watt power amplifier, the transmission distance can reach 30km in the visual range. (our model is TX900)
Plus 5-watt power amplifier, the transmission distance can reach 80km.
Plus 10-watt power amplifier, the transmission distance can reach 150km.

2. Recently I encountered a problem visiting the air unit (transmitter) from the ground unit (receiver).

Everything works okay, but the problem is that it looks like it has locked me out from accessing the air unit via the ground unit. When I try to access the air unit by its IP address, it brings up that login screen. When I connect via ethernet, it works fine, but through the ground unit, it asks to log in. Two days ago everything was fine.
Now I changed the side IP address and I can’t even ping it anymore, but the link is still okay, and I can access it directly.

Please clear your browser’s cookie information and visit again and it should solve the problem.
You should have used our devices with multiple versions of firmware. However, with the same IP address, the browser cached the cookies of different versions of the firmware, resulting in a confusing display. Clearing the cookies of the browser and visiting again should solve the problem. No need to restore the factory settings of our equipment, as you said.

3. Can I use the Ethernet2 port on tx900 as an input port?

Why I am asking, I had Raspberry PI connected to the Ethernet1 port and streaming video. Now I have the same unit connected to the Ethernet2 port, and I got nothing. I can see activity on that port but no video goes through on the other side. I can’t even ping it video the Ethernet2. Are they bridged?

Reply: The ethernet1 and the ethernet 2 are the two ports of the switch chip inside.

The two network ports of Vcan1681 and TX900 bridge internally. They are equivalent to the network ports of a network switch.

You need to check whether there is any problem with the 4PIN network port connection cable and whether there is any IP address conflict in the LAN (including our 1618 device). Each of our 1618s takes up two IP addresses.

If you have not modified the IP address at the time of shipment, the default is and, and the docked 1681 defaults to and

Verification is also very simple. Connect eth1 and eth2 of the 1681 module to two PCs’ network ports, and check if the PCs can communicate normally by pinging each other.)

Maybe the RJ45 cable and the ethernet 2 do not closely contact the ethernet 2.

4. It showed the IP address in the management login section as the internal MCU address.

The 192.168.168.x network segment is Modem’s IP.
The 192.168.1.x network segment is the IP of the MCU.

How does the long-range VTX work?

I want to explain the working scenario of the long-range VTX.

Two drones will be in the air with HD cameras and one modem will be on the ground connected to the display.

The transceiver modem in the air will send videos from the air to the ground + some more useful information. They will also receive some camera control and PTT commands from the ground.

Another transceiver modem on the ground will receive videos from the air and will display them on some LCD or send them on ethernet. It will also send camera control + PTT commands to drones in the air.

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