COFDM Wireless Video Transmission System 1080P/60fps

COFDM Wireless Video Transmission

COFDM Wireless Video Transmission System

COFDM Wireless Video Transmission
COFDM Wireless Video Transmission

Function Introduction:

Full HD video transmitter is one of the newest real-time transmission systems that launched for transmission of broadcast HD images.

With small size (114mm*68mm*24mm), light weight(250g) long transmission distance (more than 15KM per 1W) high resolution(1080P/60fps), currently it is the wireless COFDM transmitter for soldier that with the highest resolution, the minimum size, the lightest weight and the longest transmission distance among COFDM full HD image transmission systems in China, and by adopting the advanced COFDM modulation techniques, air broadband and its strong resistance to multi-path interferences, it overcomes interferences brought by multipath reflection and occlusion within usage of simulation and general modulation techniques, with high speed shooting and real time none line-of-sight transmission of high quality full HD video images when moving at high speed, particularly suitable for using under complex environments.

With the H.264 video coding standard, up to 1080P/60 HD resolution (1920*1080P/60fps, backwards compatible to 720P)and HDMI( 3G HD-SDI is selectable) input interface which supports digital video/audio, it is characterized by its image sharpness, brighter colors and image smoothness.

1080P/60fps Wireless Full HD Image Transmission System Transmitter (250g): HDMI Signal Input SDI Signal Input Receiver (150g): COFDM Wireless Full HD Video Transmission MINI System


Product Features

It is suitable for high speed data transmission, generally with a channel rate of 8M Hz, which can ensure high quality audio transmission. In addition to its requirements for camera, high quality videos and audios also have high requirements for coding stream and channel rate.

QPSK and 16QAM are available for modulation of each COFDM sub carrier, after which generally with a channel rate of 8M Hz. Therefore, H.264 high quality encoding/decoding is allowed, the image resolution in the receiving end can be up to 1920*1080P/60 with backwards compatibility and requirements for latter analysis, storage and editing can also be met.

Product Attributes

Adjustable working frequency within the range of 300MHz~2.7GHz

Rich video/audio interfaces: HDMI, SDI (selectable)

High quality digital video processing and H.264 video codec, with high definition display

Very low encoding latency: 450ms

Stable image and voice transmission under high speed movement and multipath interferences

Strong NLOS non line-of-sight transmission

With space diversity reception

With encryption (selectable) Transmitting power≤1.0W (selectable transmitting powers, multi-stage adjustable)


Range of Application

It is widely used in UAV (providing disaster relief, emergency rescues and forest-fire prevention), emergency communication, radio and television broadcasting and live broadcasts; individual reconnaissance of field forces; image transmission between public security men, armed police, fire service commanding cars and the scouts as well as the command center; real-time high quality image monitoring in fields of searching for smuggler in frontier areas, maritime affairs and sea coast defense at sea; wireless and mobile camera shooting cars for real-time news collection and competition transmission; wireless video transmission for aerial reconnaissance and monitoring from helicopters and airships.


Diagram of Connection:

COFDM Wireless Video Transmission
COFDM Wireless Video Transmission


Parameters Wireless HD Image Transmission System-Transmitter

COFDM Wireless Video Transmission
COFDM Wireless Video Transmission

Parameters Wireless HD Image Transmission System-Receiver

COFDM Wireless Video Transmission
COFDM Wireless Video Transmission
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