Ethernet Radio Transceiver

Hi, I want to buy an Ethernet radio transceiver
1) up to 10 mbit/s
2) frequency 800m up to 2.4 g
3)support multicast broadcast UDP and any port and any range IP ( network layer 2)
4) rs232 port for data
5) rs232 port for config and live status ( RSSI, TX power, sync state…)
please give me the model and data sheet and price for one set ( transmitter and receiver), distance up to 200 km, radio is one way

Ethernet port support UDP (broadcast and multi-cast) data from a PC?

Support. All your demands are supported, TX900 is the model you wanted
our engineer has checked your demand one by one

I need to like one way and one antenna; I don’t want two antenna

One-way can download video from the transmitter to the receiver, but can not transfer the data. Regarding your demand about the two points, they are hard to come true on a one-way ethernet radio transceiver.
4) RS232 port for data
5) RS232 port for config and live status ( RSSI, tx power, sync state,….)

My data is not video, only UDP data, Can I send any data UDP?
just data, no need for video transfer?

OK, no need for video.

Only Ethernet data is UDP and RS232. Ethernet data from pc up to 30M bps, Ethernet data. If this link is one way and 150 km long range, How much is the price?

The transfer speed rate depends on the distance between the transmitter and receiver, if it is 150km, the transfer speed is almost 12M bps~20M bps, and can not reach 30M bps. Yes, RS232 supported
You just need one antenna, remove one antenna, and the signal will lose 4 dBm.
RS232 and UDP are on the base two-way, we don’t have a model only one-way. so the price is the same on two-way, if you just use one-way, it is also the same price with two-way transfer models.
We offer ethernet and rs232, you can transfer video or data, what you give us, we transfer them.

Why do you quote so expensive?

Please compare with other suppliers.
It is 150km, not 10km.
we also have a test video for 110km
We have a test video to verify, not only a promise but not a real test.
2 x Ethernet ports, and 3 X RS232
please think about the distance that you really need. If you need a short distance, the cost will be lower. You can try from 17km as a sample to test, then it is much cheaper.

I still need 150 km, an ethernet port, a One-way transmitter -> receiver

Ethernet transfer needs two ways, We don’t have one way, then it is not ethernet transfer. Ethernet transfer broadcast and multi-cast model. Ethernet has TX RX GND cable, TX is sending, RX is receiving, We can not just keep TX cable, no RX cable.
Our one way is COFDM technology, like DVB-T digital tv, from tv companies to the tv box at home, that is one way. Even some COFDM transmitter has ethernet, it just transfers the IP camera’s living video, not ethernet data UDP.

I don’t mean that Rf one way, On one antenna, I need ethernet to transfer the UDP data over DVB-T.

Our one-way RF model only transfers the HDMI or CVBS video, and small data if you need it, please check the picture.
Our cofdm model COFDM-912T is one way, the data is very small
It is not suitable for your project, most data transfers only maybe only 10km or less than 10km, and it can not be longer.
ethernet radio transceiver

Yes, what do you have cheaper?

The above model COFDM-912T is cheaper. Please try a trial order. It is not good for your project. It is cheaper, but it is also not useful at 150km.

Wireless video data RC link transceiver module for drone or robot

Ethernet Radio Transceiver

Wireless Video Data RC link Transceiver Module for Drone or Robot

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