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Transform your Android device into a live broadcast TV! Use this App with DTV Link (by iMobile) on your mobile phone or tablet, to enjoy live TV – EVERYWHERE! DTV Link is a compact and lightweight wireless accessory that delivers free high-quality broadcast TV to smartphones or tablets via WiFi. DTV Link delivers a true live TV experience, free-of-charge, with no payment required for cellular data or TV provider subscriptions. No Internet connection is needed to view broadcast TV!Key App Functionality: – Scan channels – Watch free-to-air broadcasts: TV and Radio channels – Swipe left and right to change channels – Jump directly to your channel of choice from a drop down menu

DTV Link DVB-T2W digital TV wifi receiver for Android or iphone OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA DTV_link_DVB-T2W_digital_TV_wifi_receiver_Android_iphone_7 DTV_link_DVB-T2W_digital_TV_wifi_receiver_Android_iphone_8 DTV_link_DVB-T2W_digital_TV_wifi_receiver_Android_iphone_9 DTV_link_DVB-T2W_digital_TV_wifi_receiver_Android_iphone_10


DTV Link DVB-T2W digital TV wifi receiver for Android or iPhone DVB-T2W is a small stand-alone digital TV tuner (DVB-T2 and DVB-T ) that connects digital TV signals and streams of live TV wirelessly to mobile devices on the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android Phone and Android tablet etc. Live TV can be watched through wifi.

DVB-T2W Feature

  1. Ver small size and Ultra lightweight
  2. Bring the live TV to your iPhone/iPad/tablet as a mobile television
  3. Watch free-to-air Digital TV anywhere at your home or in the car.
  4. It is portable and rechargeable
  5. Watch in original quality on your Android or Apple Pad / Phone
  6. Watch TV on full-screen or scalable window


  1. Frequency range: 177.5 – 226.5MHz (VHF); 474 – 858MHz (UHF)
  2. Support Digital TV standards: DVB-T2 DVB-T Mpeg 2, Mpeg 4, and H.264
  3. Receive Distance: within 5 meters
  4. Built-in battery:8000mAh,rechargeable battery

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