Croatia DVB-T2: full digitization,European countries switch off analog TV signals

In recent years,Live TV development technology is maturing,In the early days everyone used traditional analog TV,Watch TV with an Outdoor Antenna,very low definition。after that,Closed-circuit cable TV has entered thousands of households,When everyone is watching the show,You will no longer see a snowflake-like distraction。just now,with the help of a set top box,Everyone is watching the digital TV signal,Can reach 1080P full HD standard。recently,Foreign media reported that,Some countries in Europe will shut down analog TV programs,Shift to digital programming,Let's take a look。

The Republic of Croatia in southeastern Europe declares,will completely shut down analog TV programming this month。And before that in December 2010,once turned off a portion of the analog tv source。Croatian telecommunications regulator said,traditional analog TV signal,Can no longer meet the needs of transmitting digital TV。therefore,from now on,Croatia will adopt allDVB-T2transmission of digital television programs。At that time, users will need to purchase a new set-top box for 32.5 euros,The equivalent of RMB is about 231 yuan,the price is fair。 Maybe some readers are right克罗地亚DVB-T2don't know much yet,I will briefly explain to you。克罗地亚DVB-T2is the most advanced DTT system in the world,Offers higher efficiency than first generation DTT systems、reliability and flexibility。It is based on DVB-T,and added new modulation、Coding and Error Correction Techniques,besides,Also provides good mobility。also,TV signals transmitted in this way,Transmit power can be reduced by 8-10dB,This makes the capital investment and operating costs of the transmission network significantly reduced。Currently domestic,According to the documents of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television,Nationwide analog TV signals will be shut down in 2020。 VCAN has set-top boxes ready for European TV digitization,and has been tested in many countries。Check欧洲DVB-T2机顶盒产品清单

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