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As a leader of China HDMI to IP encoder h265 / H.264 supplier in Shenzhen, our HDMI to ethernet converter encoder is compatible with ONVIF, SRT, UTP, HTTP, RTSP, RTMP, UDP, TCP, IP, etc. The most feature is the best quality and cheap price, our software and hardware engineers are glad to customize the design in accord with your requirement.
The hdmi to IP encoder extension is including the hdmi to IP encoder extender and decoder. It support not only 4k, but also 1080p / 60p.
The hdmi to IP encoder FPGA kit for IPTV live streaming is working well at OBS and windows 10 supports HDMI and CVBS video input interface.
Our factory produced the hdmi to RJ45 IP encoder modulator and module PCBA board support multi-receiver or NVR (network video recorder), also support wireless video transmitter module for IP camera to send the video and data to a wireless receiver, the long-range distance is 10km, 30km, 50km, 100km, and 150km.
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What is HDMI Encoder Board?

HDMI encoder board is a device that converts HDMI signals into digital data streams that can be transmitted over IP networks or stored on storage devices. HDMI encoder board can be used for various applications such as live streaming, video conferencing, digital signage, video surveillance, and more.

How does HDMI Encoder Board work?

HDMI encoder board works by capturing HDMI input from a source device such as a camera, laptop, game console, etc., and compressing it using a video codec such as H.264 or H.265. The compressed data stream is then output through an Ethernet port or a USB port to a network device such as a router, switch, server, etc., or a storage device such as a hard drive, flash drive, etc.
The compressed data stream can be decoded by another device that supports the same video codec and protocol. For example, an HDMI decoder board can receive the data stream from an HDMI encoder board and convert it back to HDMI output for display on a monitor or TV. Alternatively, a software player can also decode the data stream on a computer or mobile device.

What are the benefits of the HDMI Encoder Board?

HDMI encoder board has several benefits compared to traditional analog video transmissions methods such as VGA or composite cables. Some of these benefits are:
- Higher quality: HDMI encoder board preserves the high-definition resolution and audio quality of the original HDMI signal without degradation or interference.
- Longer distance: HDMI encoder board can transmit video signals over long distances using IP networks without signal loss or attenuation.
- More flexibility: HDMI encoder board can support multiple protocols and formats such as RTSP, HTTP, MPEG-TS, etc. that enable different ways of streaming and recording video content.
- More scalability: HDMI encoder board can support multiple channels and devices on the same network without bandwidth limitations or compatibility issues.
- More security: HDMI encoder board can encrypt the data stream using AES or other algorithms to prevent unauthorized access or tampering.


HDMI encoder board is a useful device that enables high-quality digital video transmission over IP networks or storage devices. It has many advantages over analog video transmission methods such as higher quality, longer distance, more flexibility, more scalability,and more security. It can be used for various applications such as live streaming, video conferencing, digital signage, video surveillance,and more.
We can offer you many types and models of HDMI encoder boards available in the market with different features and specifications
to suit different needs and preferences.
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