Taxi Project Requirement of Mobile Data Terminal

  1. Main Control Screen –Driver’s front screen– (1 unit)
  • Support Arabic and English Languages
  • Screen Size between 6 – 7 inches
  • Minimum Screen Resolution (480 – 800 dpi)
  • Support 4G
  • Minimum Android OS version (5)
  • Internal memory 16 GB
  • Support external memory up to 32 GB
  • Minimum 1 USB port
  • Working temperature (80 degrees)

2. Seat Sensors (4 units)

  • Seat sensors must detect objects with weight more 10 KG
  • Seat Sensors must detect existing passengers and count their number

3. Printer (1 unit)

  • Bluetooth
  • Support Arabic And English

4. Behind Seat Screens (For passengers) (2 units)

  • Support Arabic and English Languages
  • Screen Size between 8 – 10 inches
  • Working temperature (80 degrees)
  • Internal memory 16 GB

5. MDVR + Cameras (1 MDVR + 3 Mini internal Cameras)

— MDVR Requirements —

  • Support GPS
  • 4G and can be connected to external Wi-Fi as an alternative option
  • Can provide hotspot (Passengers can serve internet Ex YouTube, Facebook etc
  • MDVR must include 1 HDD hard disk 512 GB
  • Minimum Resolution (720P)

— Cameras Requirements —

  • 3 Mini Cameras will be installed inside the car. 1 to record front view, 1 for passengers and last for rare view.

6. SOS Buttons (2 units)

Both are either connected to the MDVR or the Main Control Screen

The Taxi Project equipment must be matching with the upper mentioned requirements. It is expected that all these full equipment setup must be prepared and tested by the Vendor.

(Explanation of the installation Scenario)

The Scenario will be expected to be as follow:

Main Control Screen is connected with MDVR (Connected via wire, wireless) in which it can be easily for driver to switch between cameras monitoring (life stream & recorded videos) and our Taxi Application back and forth. Also, Driver Can use MDVR application for Remote access

Seat Sensors + SOS buttons are either connected to the MDVR or to Main Control Screen.

We expect all these data to be sent to our server.

  • Taxi Car Location
  • SOS alerts
  • Passengers Numbers

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