DVB-T24 Software Download

Warning: Below software is listed for our existing customer, if you need an upgrade or repair your machine, please confirm the hardware is the same with us or ask us to check first. It will be no remote control again or damaged exist if hardware (chipset) is different, the last solution is to replace correct firmware IC.

Warning: Below firmware is only for DVB-T24 New Model, Please check your OSD menu to confirm before the upgrade, or contact us before you do it.

4 Antenna DVB-T24 new model OSD menu

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Software Download DVB-T24 1

TV box upgrades wrong firmware, the remote control is not working well. Auto Upgrade from USB Stick 20190417 DownLoad
2 Software Download DVB-T24 1 Firmware for MPLP function for Russia or Colombia. 20190308 DownLoad