RV1126 custom development

Rockchip RV1126 + Sony IMX415 as a UVC camera

This is a RV1126 custom development module and Sony IMX415 camera. Video output to the computer through the USB interface. Then you can use the Microsoft Windows’ own APP Camera to play, an application for taking pictures. You can also use another software AMCap to play. These are all the same. The customer gave a list of custom development functions. This UVC camera is just one of them. If you need custom development of the RV1126 chip, please contact us and our engineers will try their best to meet your demands.

Rockchip RV1126 + Sony IMX415 as a UVC camera

USB Web Camera Video Input to IP Ethernet output RTSP player

USB web camera video input to ethernet IP RTSP video stream convertor module
USB web camera video input to ethernet IP RTSP video stream converter module
RV1126 custom development mainboard cvbs av input module imx415 sensor module
RV1126 custom development main board CVBS AV input module imx415 sensor module
RV1126 custom development mainboard with input output cables
RV1126 custom development main board with input-output cables


If I connect the UVC camera and connect the board to the computer with ethernet, can I view the UVC camera with the RTSP player?

Yes, our software engineer is improving and will be ready soon.

What is the IP address of the board, also what is the URL for the RTSP streams?

The default IP address of the camera is
If you connect our sample by net cable with your computer, you can use this to modify the parameter.

We will need full access to the system, and is it possible to have the Debian OS there?

I will reply to you after confirming with the engineer.

Does your RV1126 development board have RGB or CVBS composite video out?

The default board does not have CVBS composite video output. Now the video is only output by ethernet IP RJ45. We don’t add it about composite video output. Our other version, customized for other clients, can have AUX CVBS video input and output functions.

We want to make AI algorithms on RV1126 and analog in processing analog out. Analog camera CVBS > RV1126 board > analog CVBS out from board with AI embedded into video layout?

Yes. Our board is mainly for encoding and decoding. If the external camera or sensor supports cvbs, it supports cvbs output.

Could you drop the full spec for that board? What other inputs/outputs are there? Hope it will suit our demand as well.

Please check the below three modules’ specifications.
Generally, adding algorithms requires relatively high requirements for cameras or sensors. Both pixels and pigment points have certain requirements.

Does the video output CVBS come after processing? Or it comes directly from the sensor, thus it will not include overlays.

CVBS input and output has via RV1126 main chipset.

I agree to buy two samples. Can you make a special firmware to meet my project?

Details: Hello. We considering buying your product with an imx415 camera. This decision is made in part of our desire to import our project onto 1126 Rockchip with an imx415 camera. We want to get your help in this. If we are ready to pay for 2 pieces of the product(for a start), will you help us with our project as technical support?
We will need a .img file apart, and imx415+rv1126 RockChip which works from the box (plug and start).
Also, we will need some technical support on “how to upgrade firmware to make it work with our project”. Is it ok with you? We will be grateful.

Answer: Thanks for your order of 2 samples. The sample will be ready RV1126+IMX415 is working well before delivery.
The engineer replied we can offer your two working well samples. Modifying the firmware to be suitable for your project is another job. They need to know your modification details in advance.
They will evaluate your technical modification needs, including feasibility and workload complexity.

For any software modification, we need to know your modification requirements first, and our engineers will evaluate it before we can give you an answer on whether it can be done and the cost of the modification.

How to upgrade the firmware of RV1126, img file? Operation Guide

  1. Download RKDevTool_Release_v2.74. https://drive.google.com/file/d/19rfUc4DJP5bPmdeCoDLsawo9b8zZxKMH/view?usp=sharing
  2. Download RV1126 firmware. Please ask your supplier to offer you the latest or you made it yourself. Below is our RV1126+IMX415 default IMG upgrade file. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GMPYhL4Tq771LxzruApOZMU0xZDhw_FL/view?usp=sharing
  3. Read carefully the below RKDevTool manual. (PDF)https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PBeRweBShf7LZ9r2Gw_BO_z6vHr9kI3G/view?usp=sharing
  4. Please contact us if you need any further technical support.
Rockchip RV1126 AI-IPC development board with input-output cables
Rockchip RV1126 AI-IPC development board with input-output cables
RV1126 custom development 1
RV1126 custom development 2
RV1126 custom development 3

RV1126 Core Module (Module 1)

SpecificationsRV1126 4K, 30 frames 1080p/60 frames
video processingSupport 30-frame codec, 1080P multi-format codec Support encoding from USB video device class UVC input
image transmission resolution4K (8 million)(3264*2448) [16 : 9 mode (60 fps mode)] [16 : 9 mode (30 fps mode)] [16 : 9 mode (50 fps mode)] [16 : 9 mode (25 fps mode)] 1920×1080, 1280×720, 640×360, 320×180 [4 : 3 mode (30 fps mode)] [4 : 3 mode (25 fps mode)] 1280×960, VGA, QVGA [4 : 3 mode (15 fps mode)]  [4 : 3 mode (12.5 fps mode)] 2048×1536 , 1280×960, VGA, QVGA
H.265+/H.264+[Transmission Mode] Constant bit rate / VBR / Frame rate / Best effort [Transmission Type] Unicast port (AUTO) / Unicast port (MANUAL) / Multicast
485 PTZ functionsupport
network connectionSupport wired network connection
Mobile computer direct connectionSupport, wired connection via USB interface
hardware functionSupport one key reset
audio functionAudio input and output functions (2Pin Mic)
Wireless WiFi functionSupport, without wifi module
clock functionSupport, remember Time settings with power disconnected
TF cardsupport
ONVIF RTSP CGI protocolsupport
28181 agreementsupport
Network port functionSupport RJ45 network cable connection
signal interfaceOne USB port, 4P 5V, D+/-, GND one 100M Ethernet port (4Pin TX+/-, RX+/-) one TF/ Micri-SD card Slot  
lightning protectionThe lightning protection of the power supply complies with the national standard GB/TI7626.5.
Business functionsCore module + hardware customization + software development + OEM/ODM
Supported ProtocolIPv6: TCP/IP, UDP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS, SSL/TLS, SMTP, DNS, NTP, SNMPv1/v2/v3, DHCPv6,
power supply5V- 12.8V +-20% power supply
size46mm*23mm*13mm (includes components)
Operation Temperature-20℃  to  85℃

IMX415 Sensor Module (Module 2)

Illumination[email protected]
video processingSupport 30-frame codec, 1080P multi-format codec
image transmission resolution4K (8 million) (3264*2448)
signal interfaceone IRCUT driver (side entry) one PTZ control port (side entry)  
Module connectorFPC, shared with Module 3
power supplyPowered by the Main module
size23mm*23mm*12mm including components

CVBS Module (Module 3)

signal interface2Pin – Analog Video -1080p AHD, 1080p CVI, 1080p TVI and CVBS 2Pin – Mono Audio   (Connector used can be 3pin shared Video + Audio)
AudioPowered by the Main module
Module connectorFPC, shared with Module 2
power supplyPowered by the Main module
size23mm*23mm*13mm (Total stack height with Core Module 1)
RV1126 custom development 4
RV1126 custom development 5

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