COFDM Video Transmitter


Three in one image data control

H265/H264 video compression

Adaptive retransmission

frequency hopping

2.4GHz&5.8GHz dual frequency image transmission

Compact layout 65 × 43mm, weighing only 14g, can be integrated into remote control, ground station, or added to form a module with an outer shell

The Sprintlink DUO can automatically switch to the 5.8GHz frequency band, providing strong support for reliability through automatic switching, retransmission, and fast connection.

The implementation of an adaptive retransmission mechanism at the bottom layer not only greatly outperforms the retransmission mechanism at the application layer in terms of efficiency and latency, but also greatly improves the performance and user experience of the link in interference environments.

The module continuously detects the interference status of all available channels in real-time, and automatically selects and switches to the channel with the lowest interference in the current working channel, ensuring continuous and reliable communication.

COFDM Video Transmitter
COFDM Video Transmitter

OEM integration

Remote control, module, ground station

transmission distance


Software Defined Radio (SDR)

The modifiability of communication underlying protocols endows the system with the ability to continuously evolve and optimize;

Improve sufficient and effective verification for chip based technology, greatly reducing the risk of chip casting;

Flexible customization to enhance design win capabilities

COFDM Video Transmitter

Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM)

Effectively eliminating multipath interference in long-distance transmission

Low Density Parity Check Code (LDPC)

The independently optimized QC-LDPC design endows the system with excellent error correction performance, greatly improving reception performance.

COFDM Video Transmitter
COFDM Video Transmitter

Private communication protocol

Optimized design for video transmission, optimized frame format and pilot greatly improve the reception performance of video transmission.

COFDM Video Transmitter
COFDM Video Transmitter

Product parameters

two × IPEX antenna connected to machineUsed for communication with peer modules
1 x FPC connectorUsed for data communication with the host
4 x indicator lightsUsed to indicate device status
1 x Ethernet interfaceUsed for video or data communication
1 x serial portFor data communication, 3.3/5.0 TTL level
1 x serial portUsed for module configuration and status acquisition, 3.3/5.0 TTL level
1 x SBUSRemote control interface
1 x PPMRemote control interface
1 x GPIOUsed for key triggered binding
Working frequency band2.4GHz/5.8GHz ISM
Maximum transmission power[email protected] [email protected]
DC Voltage6~15V
Operation temperature-20 degrees to 50 degrees
Distance[email protected] [email protected]
anti-interferenceSupports retransmission, adaptive frequency hopping, and fast link functions
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