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What is a video splitter? The video splitter can split one video to more video output to more screens, to solve the problem of one video player connecting multi-screens.

As a supplier of a composite video splitters amplifier inside, we produce high-quality RCA splitter for car audio and video, cheap cost one input 4-way RCA splitter to save money for your cost, video y splitter, video splitter box, and RCA video cable splitter. In the past, it is hard to connect one video source for multi-screen, like headrest, roof mount, or sun visor monitor. Now using our RCA video splitter, it is easy to do and get high clear video picture as an amplifier inside to boost the video signal. One video input and video output quantity can be customized, composite RCA Video Splitter 1 in 2 Out, RCA av video splitter 1 in 4 out, 3 ways RCA video splitter, RCA splitter 1 male or one female to 2 male. The power supply has 12 Voltages or 24V to choose from. Please tell me your requirement, we will modify our design. If you need a splitter video RCA or video amplifier splitter, please contact us.
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