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What is a wireless FM transmitter?
The gadgets of wireless FM transmitters can send the audio from your extra in-car devices to your car radio without cutting or modifying any cable and connection. The wireless FM transmitter has dual audio stereo input from your extra devices, it will transfer to your car’s original FM frequency radio, and you can listen to it by the correct frequency radio, car’s original amplifier, and speakers.


Carton Dimension: 47.2x31.5x23.5cm
Quantity Per Carton: 38pcs
Gross Weight: 6.2kg

FM audio transmitter fm-16 carton packing information
fm-16 carton packing information

The default is white box.

audio wireless FM transmitter sender transmission FM-16 whitebox
audio wireless FM transmitter sender transmission FM-16 whitebox

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FM Transmitter supports to transfer mobile phone music to the in-car radio and speaker

FM Transmitter RCA CVBS Input and Modify Frequency to avoid local Radio noise

Wireless FM Transmitter

In the past years, we produce many in-car electronics products, like car roof DVD or headrest DVD player. Most peole like to listen the sound to from the car original amplifier and speaker. Our best wireless fm transmitter is produced to solve this problem.
The function of just fm transmitter is simple and quick to install. No need any phone app or apk. The aux audio input is to connect to your car extra player, it offer the fm transmitter best frequency, up to 16 channel to choose. It used PLL technology and no sound lost. The wireless fm transmitter has one hidden transmitting antenna in the power cable. We also can modify the design to FM connector to wire connect your car original antenna. It is a good and cheap price mini fm transmitter hearing aid to play music in car.
Our model FM-16 has two wireless for power supply (12V power in and GND cable). We also can modify it to USB connector if you need. Our quiet fm transmitter with AUX input can install at any brand car which has FM radio, now support frequency, 87.7, 87.9, 88.9, 88.1, 88.2, 88.3, 88.4, 88.5, 88.6, 88.7, 88.8, 88.9, 89.0, 89.1, 89.2, 89.4.

What is FM Transmitter PLL?

PLL on the FM transmitter: Phase Locked Loop, PLLs are ideal for demodulating frequency modulation, FM being easy to incorporate in ICs and providing a linear output. used PLL technology FM transmitter can transfer the best sound to the car radio and speaker.

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