How to buy video transmitter of COFDM?

How to buy video transmitter of COFDM long-range?

How to buy video Transmitter for your project? Here is one buyer inquiry VCAN for COFDM Video transmitter, Q is buyer’s question, A is VCAN reply, if you are interesting, please read it or ask us any question.
Q:  Hello could you tell me what is the price of, HDMI COFDM Wireless Image Video Transmission transmitter Transceiver, and with recevier we need to use with this items?
A: I will send to your email
Q: thanks
A: Please check, please ask me if you have any question on technology or order
Q:  For COFDM-903T, is it transmitter and receiver for the price?  if not which receiver we need to use?
For COFDM-904T  TX and RX included…  for TX battery is inside or we need to fix extra battery?
With antenna we need to use on the RX for have long range transmission? 10km?
A: I will reply you soon
How to buy video transmitter of COFDM? 3
this antenna
How to buy video transmitter of COFDM? 4
How to buy video transmitter?
COFDM-221R HD Wireless Video Receiver COFDM AV 1080P Transmission image Transceiver CVBS 170~900Mhz
this is receiver
Q: receiver for 903T?
A: for 902t 903t 904t
Q: ok but for COFDM-904T TX and RX is included in price?
A: Price has including antenna, If you agree better antenna, almost USD200 one piece, 902t 904T support 20km
Q: COFDM-902T with receiver and good antenna goes at 10km?
A: 10km ok, from air to ground
Q: yes that is what i need, what is the difference between 902 and 904 ?
A: customer installed antenna for receiver
COFDM Transmitter test
how to buy video transmitter?
COFDM-902T and COFDM-904T almost same, but COFDM-904T is more reliable,
Q: i dont see HDMi input on COFDM-904T
A: 904 has hdmi
Q: not on the pictures
A: I will check and send you soon.
one customer tested sample and place repeat order soon
How to buy video transmitter of COFDM? 5
Please check your email for HDMI input
How to buy video transmitter of COFDM? 6
Q: ok .. the pictures on your website is no up to date
A: yes
Q: I see on your picture hdmi now.
A: website picture is only one side
Q: Could you send me picture of your RX?
A: buy video transmitter
this is RX
Q: we are interested to by 4-5 TX… is it working all with one RX if it’s not working in same time
A: At different frequency at RX, RX frequency can change by remote control
Q: so i think i will buy one set 904 TX RX with big antenna for long range… if it s working well i will buy 4-5 more TX…
A: now antenna is 1 meter, for sample is ok, what is your post code? I will check shipping cost
Q: 1823 Glion Switzerland
A: what frequency do you need? or use our default?
Q: what is our choice for 904?
A: shipping cost by DHL, USD69
904T is recommended
902T is also ok
Q: You say 904 is better. i choose this one, but which frequency he use? you don’ t give me size of 904 TX?
A: 904t default frequency is 503Mhz, 503, 509, 515, 521Mhz to switch loop, not including battery
Q: The 902 is 170mhz?
A: From 170Mhz~900Mhz, what you need, we can modify, Box size is 20 x 10 x 5mm
buy video transmitter
Q: ok. I need to check the law of government if this frequency is ok and i contact you soon after… is it available  in stock’
A: 3~7 days to modify the frequency, need test long time, frequency different, PA (enlarger) hardware also need change
Q: ok. let me check frequency and i come back to you soon
A: yes, it is very important
If you are interesting on buy video transmitter, please feel free to contact with us.
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