Antenna Spring

What is Antenna Spring?

We made an antenna of fiberglass with a built-in shock spring to protect against damage. The antenna spring should have a spring to protect the antenna, mount, and vehicle from hits to the antenna. We made the springs from long-lasting, top-grade electro-polished stainless steel.

A height transmitter antenna can be a problem when driving on rural roads with overhanging trees and brush. With the right antenna spring, you can get a 3-5dBi signal in rural and rural countries.
Our wireless video transmitter and receiver antenna with spring can help this happen.


The rover’s antenna is too big and heavy. Also, we are afraid of damaging it in branches in the forest. This FRP fiberglass antenna with spring is not afraid of collisions with obstacles.

Antenna Spring Customize

Frequency: 170-2700Mzh.

Length: 30cm, 60cm, 80cm or 180cm

Antenna Spring 1
Antenna Spring 2
Antenna Spring 3

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