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Wireless Broadband MIMO Mesh Network
Wireless Broadband MIMO Mesh Network

Wireless Mesh Radios

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Mimo Mesh Wireless Broadband MESH

Broadband wireless mesh radio is the best choice for point-to-point, point-to-multipoint integrated services communication, which is consisted of a centerless, distributed, self-forming, self-adapting, and self-healing dynamic routing/multi-hop relay communication mesh network. And the broadband mesh radio can achieve dynamic routing, multi-hop relay HD video, multi-channel data, and fidelity voice between different nodes of the same network in complex applications, such as fast displacement, non-line-of-sight and electromagnetic interference.

Based on fifth-generation mobile communication (5G)/software-defined radio (SDR) technology for multi-carrier modulation OFDM, smart antenna MIMO, and mobile Ad Hoc network MANET, Mimo Mesh is the most powerful mesh radio recently, which can provide real-time HD video, multi-channel data, push to talk voice and broadband Ethernet connection with 100Mbps transmission rate and distance of 50KM or more. It is an ideal choice for wireless communication in critical private networks.

Mimo Mesh wireless broadband MESH, fully IP-based design, flexible installation and use, convenient operation, and maintenance provides video extension and WIFI/4G routing extension. It can be flexibly applied to military communication private networks, public safety private networks, emergency communication private networks, industry information private networks, regional Broadband Private networks, wireless monitoring private networks, cooperative management private networks, and intelligent transmission private networks.

For military communications, counter-terrorism, public security law enforcement, security activities, emergency rescue, fire command, forest fire prevention, forestry monitoring, civil air defense/earthquake, electric power patrol, digital oilfield, UAV fleet interchange, fleet formation, maritime communications, airport ground service, subway emergency, highway construction, hydrological monitoring, mobile picking and broadcasting, medical and other fields, provide stable, reliable, timely and efficient high-definition video, multi-channel data, clear voice, and visual command scheduling.

  • Each node radio station is not only an access terminal server but also a wireless routing relay and Internet gateway.
  • Centerless, distributed self-organizing, self-adapting, self-recovering dynamic routing, multi-hop relay star, linear, mesh, and hybrid networks
  • Support reliable transmission of point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint IP network
  • streams, asynchronous data streams, high-definition video, and fidelity voice
  • Provides long-distance, high-bandwidth, and low-latency transmission in harsh terrain working environments such as non-line-of-sight, fast-moving, and complex interference
Wireless Broadband MIMO Mesh Network 1

MimoMesh Series of Wireless Broadband MESH

Beamforming/Space Diversity/Spatial Multiplexing, Reach More Than Twice Distance IP67 Rugged Handheld Design For MESH Networking In Harsh Environments

Handheld/Backpack Radio 2Watts×2/10Watts×2 RF Out, 10/12 Hours Or More Battery Life, Cool Design Airborne Radio 2Watts×2 RF Out,

Environment And Electromagnetic Environment Push To Talk With Built-in High Fidelity (G.722) Throughput Over 100Mbps

The Latest Generation Of MimoMesh Wireless Broadband MESH Performance:
  • Mesh network (self-forming, self-adapting, self-healing), high-speed throughput
  • Non-visual urban construction、jungle multi-path transmission terrain, an effective connection
  • High-speed movement of the ground, water, and air, an effective connection
  • Multiple antenna settings, omnidirectional, high gain orientation, or mixing
  • GPS/BD and Multicast Support
  • Increased 4.5 times coverage in densely populated areas
  • Increase the range by 2 times in the visible limit environment
  • Increase 2-4 times data transmission rate
  • The same communication range and transmission data rate, reducing transmission power by 2 times
Significant applications in Non-Line of Sight /Multipath Fading environments, video/data/voice

critical communications:

  • Robot / Unmanned Vehicle, Reconnaissance / Surveillance / Anti-Terrorism / Monitoring
  • Air-to-air & air-to-ground & ground-to-ground, public safety / special operations
  • Urban network, emergency support / normal patrol/traffic management
  • Inside and outside the building, fire fighting/rescue and disaster relief/forest / civil air defense/earthquake
  • TV broadcast wireless audio/video / live broadcast
  • Marine communication / high-speed transmission on the opposite side of the ship
  • Low deck wireless network/ship landing
  • Mine/tunnel/basement connection

MimoMesh Series of Wireless Broadband MESH Specifications