TV Sound Radio Isdb-t One seg Dynamo Radio

TV Sound Radio Isdb-t One seg Dynamo Radio 1

Digital tuning system.
isdb-t 1-seg tv sound
Receive am/FM band radio broadcasts
Built-in rechargeable li-ion battery
Earphone socket for personal listening
Wrist strap

Frequency range:
Tv sound: UHF 470~770mhz(jp). Uhf 470~806mhz(brazil).
Fm:76-90mhz Am:531-1629khz(Japan)
Fm:88-108mhz Am:520-1710khz(Brazil)

Internal 650ma rechargeable battery.

External: ac/dc adapter.

Power sources.

  1. Internal 650ma rechargeable battery.
  2. External: ac/dc adapter.
  3. Dry cell battery: aaa size 1.5v battery x4 pcs(excluded).
    Fully charged li-ion battery up to 8 hours am/FM and 5hours with 1-seg tv sound
    24 hours am/FM and 7hours with 1-seg tv sound ( aa size battery x 4 ).
    Unit size: 130(h) x84(w)x40(d)mm.

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