TV for car

watch digital tv in the car

tv for car

Many people hope to have a TV for the car, Do you like watching TV in your high-speed car?  May your children or passenger want to have a real-time TV to remove the boring time in the car. now VCAN DVB-T2010HD can offer you over 80 tv channels, including living news, sports, movies, etc.

TV for car

Vcan has below TV system to meet your requirement.

1. HD DVB-T FTA receiver for Europe.

2. HD DVB-T receiver with CI reader for the Netherlands.

3. Car DVB-T2 for Ukraine, Russia, Thailand.

4. Car ISDB-T with B-cas for Japan

5. ISDB-T HD for South America

6. ATSC and ATSC-MH for North America. If you can not confirm which TV system is in your local, please feel free to contact us.    

watch tv in car
watch tv in car
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