Bagaimana memilih pemancar dan penerima video nirkabel?

Q2: For 15km, should I use a 10W PA power amplifier inside?

A2: 10W PA supports up to 150km, 10W PA Wireless Video Transmitter and Receiver 110km real test video. 15km using a 2W PA power amplifier is enough, at our test video, it supports 27km-30KM, please check the below link for test video details.

Q3: Is your price on the base of one node or one pair?

A3: Normal the dual ways wireless transmitter and receiver quotation is on the base of one node, you can join many nodes like a computer joined a network. If you need one transmitter and one receiver, the unit price should be double.

Q4: What kind of video quality and speed?

A4: The ethernet port wireless video transmitter and receiver support a 1080P60 IP camera, and the speed max supports 20Mb bps.

P5: How about the delay and radio band?

A5: The delay is 26~70ms (mili detik) from our 110km test video, from the transmitter ethernet port to the receiver ethernet port, tested by Ping command in the Windows computer system.
The radio band can choose from 800Mhz, 1.4Ghz, or 2.4Ghz, because of 800Mhz is the digital tv standard frequency range and 2.4Ghz are some wifi frequency range. So our wireless video transmitter and receiver’s default frequency range are 1.4Ghz.

P6: Why are some one-way wireless video transmitters and receivers much cheaper than two-way?

A6: Because one-way wireless video transmission systems are only video downloads from the transmitter to the receiver, they can not upload the drone control command or PTZ camera control command from the receiver to the transmitter and camera, so the function is simple and the price is cheaper.

P7: Does your model support, a 10-15km transmission distance, open air, from air to ground, multi-camera to one single monitor, it is better for outdoor use?

A7: TX900-2W-30km supports the demand you mentioned in the above question.

Q8: Does it support 10 transmitters and 10 receivers working together?

A7: For TX900-2W-30km support 10 transmitters with 10 kamera, you do not need 10 receivers and 10 monitors, you can use one TX900-2W-30km as the receiver or center receiver, this type we called to star connection network.

Q9: If I want to control the signal pin (GPIO pin High or Low, or common 1 ), what kind of models do you recommend?

A9: If you want to control the signal at the transmitter from the receiver by somebody, this is the typical application of the two-way wireless video data link, TX900-2W-30km is powerful on this control application. Because it can not only download the video and data from the transmitter to the receiver but also can transfer the receiver’s control command to the receiver, there are two ethernet ports and three RS232 ports.

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