How to get the frequency of the current channel of digital tv box, like DVB-T or ISDB-T?

Press info button on remote to get frequency

The end-user needs to know how to get the channel number and frequency. Then the factory engineer will simulate the tv company transmitter in the China factory lab, use the tv box to get the tv signal at the same channel and frequency, to find the problem or solve the tv reception issue, like some channel was missed at the new tv box, some channel has tv picture but no sound or some channel has sound but no tv picture, even want to improve the tv reception strength. If the end-user can offer this information, they will help the engineer to solve these problems and offer a new upgrade software firmware.

How to get the frequency
How to get the frequency

Then how to get the frequency of the current channel of digital tv boxes, like DVB-T or ISDB-T? Please operate like the below steps.

  1. Connect the power of your STB (stop-top-box), or another working well tv box.
  2. At the channel you are watching, press “INFO” button on the remote control.
  3. The OSD menu will be showing on the screen, you will find CH number and Frequency, like CH22 and 521.143Mhz.
  4. Write down the above information
  5. Change another channel and do the same and write down all the Channel numbers and frequencies.
  6. Send us, our engineer will analyze and try to offer you a solution, maybe a new upgrade update firmware software.
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