DVB-T2010HD Upgrade: software for Portugal 1 HD channel without sound

TypeDVB-T / T2 H.265DVB-T / T2 H.264DVB-TISDB-T
4 Tuner 4 AntennaDVB-T26540DVB-T240/ISDB-T7800
2 Tuner 2 AntennaDVB-T265DVB-T221DVB-T7200ISDB-T9820
1 Tuner 1 Antenna/DVB-T2KDVB-T7000ISDB-T63

DVB-T2010HD Upgrade: If some buyers from Portugal, has purchase VCAN DVB-T2010HD at 3 years ago, now Portugal one HD channel without sound, so we here offer software for upgrade. (For more New products, please visit https://ivcan.com/c/dvb-t2/)

Software download link: DVB-T2010HD-software-for-Portugal

VCAN download zip file
VCAN download zip file

  DVB-T2010HD Upgrade Guide: (also in the above link MS word file) Warning : Please MUST keeping power on machine during upgrading, otherwise fireware will be lost for ever. Prepare the USB with upgrade file

  1. When you got the upgrade file from VCAN, please check the file, if the upgrade file name is *.img,Please rename to NEC_EMMA3SLHD.UPG
  2. Please prepare one USB stick, and create one root document name “upgrade”, copy upgrade file inside. If your USB is H:, then file should be save as H:\ upgrade\NEC_EMMA3SLHD.UPG
  3. Poweroff DVB-T2010HD firstly, connect USB on DVB-2010HD.
  4. Power on DVB-T2010HD then,  press menu-> Installation, please see below picture.
  5. Press OK to choose upgrade STB, please see below picture.
  6. Press ok and will pop up Read Upgrade File,that meaning now reading and upgrading file from USB.
  7. Until pop up “Upgrade Completed”, please power off and power on again.

Warning: Please MUST keeping power on the machine during upgrading, otherwise the firmware will be lost forever. Once you see “NO USB Device” or “NO Upgrade File”,please power off the machine and power again, or check the upgrade file has copy correctly. If you still have any question on upgrade, please contact us, https://ivcan.com/contact/

DVB-T2010HD Upgrade: software for Portugal 1 HD channel without sound 3
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